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Nissan Micra To Price Between - moreluxurycar

Nissan Micra To Price Between - moreluxurycar

New Toyota Matrix Accessories 2011

New Toyota Matrix Accessories 2011

The 2011 Matrix will remain basically a station wagon version of the 2011 Toyota Corolla compact sedan but with the additional benefit of available AWD. Toyota is phasing-in the installation of an electronic brake override designed to thwart sudden acceleration and every model-year 2011 Matrix will have the upgrade. Most 2010 models should have it as well.

Should you wait for the 2011 Toyota Matrix or buy a 2010 Toyota Matrix? Wait for the 2011 Matrix if you want the latest styling tweaks or you’re interested in a bit more power. Neither should be compelling enough, however, to pass up a great deal on a 2010 Matrix if you need a compact wagon now. Toyota’s extending generous cash-back and low-interest incentives as it tries to recover from sales lost during the sudden-acceleration recall. Obviously, verify with your dealer that any 2010 Matrix you’re considering has the brake-override system as well as the modified gas pedal and replacement driver’s-side floormat fitted as part of the recall.

With miles of style and attitude to spare — the 2011 Matrix is ready for whatever, whenever. With its low profile and wide track, Matrix has performance inspired styling backed up by the power beneath the hood.

The S Package—available on both Matrix and Matrix AWD—brings out Matrix's aggressively sporty attitude courtesy of 17" Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Wheel Locks, Sport Grille, Fog Lamps, Power Moonroof, Roof Mounted Spoiler, Chrome Exhaust Tip, Colored Mirrors, and Sport Front & Rear Fascia. The performance inspired XRS is set off by its newly redesigned Front Grille, Fascia and Rear Bumper in combination with Front and Rear Underbody Spoilers, Fog Lamps, 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Scuff Plates, and XRS Badging.
The 2011 Toyota Matrix will likely receive slight modifications to its grille and front fascia, minor changes to its taillamps, and perhaps new wheel designs. . Revisions to passenger-compartment textures and graphics would be welcome, too. Otherwise, this 2011 Toyota will retain the shape and size the second-generation Matrix sported when it debuted as a 2009 mode. 

That means a slightly disheveled collection of arcs and angles on a vehicle that’s taller than the typical compact car but not as long overall. Matrix’s shape translates to great head room and lots of cargo space, though rear-seat knee clearance is modest. Newer arrivals to the category of hard-to-define mobility boxes tend to be less lengthy still, and taller, too. These include the Kia Soul, Nissan Cube, and, from Toyota’s own youth brand, the Scion xB. Matrix’s competitive set, however, is broad enough to include compact four-door hatchbacks like the Mazda 3 and true compact wagons, like the Hyundai Elantra Tourin.
None of these rivals offers AWD, though. Just 10 percent of Matrix buyers choose it over the standard front-wheel-drive, but having AWD available does qualify Matrix as a sensible on-road alternative to bulkier compact SUVs. One competitor the 2011 Matrix won’t have to contend with is the very vehicle more like it than any other: the Pontiac Vibe. A Matrix with different (and nicer-looking) sheet metal, the Vibe has been discontinued along with the Pontiac brand.

Every 2011 Toyota Matrix will have the brake-override system, which is designed to cut engine power if the accelerator and brake pedals are applied simultaneously. Toyota is poised to make some changes beneath the hood of the 2011 Corolla, and since Matrix shares the same selection of four-cylinder engines, it should receive similar treatment. 

The entry-level 2011 Matrix is likely to again be called the Matrix Standard and should carry on with a 132-horsepower 1.8-liter engine rated at 132 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque (Think of torque as the force that gets you moving, horsepower as the energy that sustains momentum.) However, the 2011 Toyota Matrix S and sporty 2011 Toyota Matrix XRS models are apt to exchange a 158-horsepower 2.4-liter for a 169-horsepower 2.5-liter. Already used in the midsize Toyota Camry, the 2.5-liter would have only marginally more torque than the 2.4, 167 pound-feet to 162. But the 2.5 is a newer design that should deliver better gas mileage. Fuel economy would further improve if Toyota upgrades the automatic transmission available in the Matrix S and XRS models, from a five-speed to a more efficient six-speed, as in the Camry. 

The automatic used in the 2011 Matrix with the 1.8-liter engine will almost certainly remain a four-speed, for cost-savings. All these models will likely continue with a five-speed manual transmission as standard. They’ll also come with front-wheel drive, which places the weight of the engine over the driven wheels to the benefit of traction in wet conditions. AWD is an alternative exclusive to the Matrix S model. Not intended for off-road use, the system is designed to maximize traction on wet or snowy pavement. It automatically reapportions power to the rear wheels when the fronts begin to slip, then reverts to front-wheel drive when grip is restored. A four-speed automatic has been the only transmission available on AWD Matrix S models. 

Toyota will need to determine if fuel-efficiency gains would offset the added cost of any 2011 Matrix powertrain revisions. But upgrades would help performance, too. Currently, the Standard model can feel slightly underpowered and driving a Matrix really is entertaining only when you combine the XRS with manual transmission. Toyota already enhanced Matrix’s safety equipment for model-year 2010, making an antiskid system – also known as stability control -- standard on every model, not just the XRS.

Toyota will not announce 2011 Matrix prices until shortly before the car goes on sale. But even with a new engine and possible new transmissions, 2011 Matrix prices won’t climb much above model-year 2010 levels. (Base-price estimates in this review take into account the manufacturer’s mandated destination fee. Toyota’s fee for factory-delivered cars was $750 for model-year 2011; Toyotas in some southeastern states are delivered by independent distributors and may carry different destination fees.)

The best-selling model in the 2011 Matrix line should again be the Standard. Estimated base price for the 2011 Toyota Matrix Standard is $17,450 with the five-speed manual transmission and $18,260 with the four-speed automatic.

Expect 2011 Toyota Matrix S pricing to start around $19,500 with manual transmission, $20,700 with automatic. Power windows and locks, remote keyless entry, a household-type power outlet, and a leather-covered steering wheel with audio controls should again be among S-model upgrades over the Matrix Standard. Estimated base price for the Toyota Matrix S AWD is around $21,800.

The 2011 Toyota Matrix XRS prices would start at an estimated $21,840 with manual transmission, $23,100 with automatic. Positioned as the sportiest Matrix, the XRS has included 18-inch tires instead of its stable mates’ 16s or 17s. And the XRS and the AWD S are the only Matrix models with a handling-oriented independent rear suspension instead of a budget-conscious torsion-beam setup.

Returning as key options for the 2011 Matrix should be a Power Package that brings the Standard model close to S-level equipment for around $1,000. Toyota could decide to add cruise control to the 2011 Matrix Standard or S model instead of charging $250 extra as it did for model-year 2010. A power sunroof should continue as an option on all 2011 Matrix models for around $900. The navigation system will probably again be confined to Matrix S and XRS models, where it has been available for about $1,800 and $1,300, respectively.

Mileage estimates for the 2011 Matrix had not been announced in time for this review. But with no expected change in powertrain the 2011 Toyota Matrix Standard’s fuel-economy rating should remain 26/32 mpg city/highway with manual transmission, 25/31 with automatic.

If the 2011 Toyota Matrix S and XRS get the larger engine and it’s coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission instead of a five-speed, expect these models to squeeze out another mile per gallon or two in both city and highway driving compared to their 2010 counterparts, which were rated at 21/29 mpg city/highway. Similarly, an engine and transmission change to the 2011 Matrix S AWD would better its chances of improving the 2010 version’s rating of 20/26 mpg.

Manual transmissions account for a miniscule percentage of Matrix sales but the prospect of improving overall fuel-economy averages could drive Toyota to upgrade from a five-speed manual to a six-speed for the 2011 Matrix S and XRS. That would improve their chances of beating the 2010 versions’ rating of 21/28 mpg

Ford Focus Lease 2011 - moreluxurycar

Ford Focus Lease 2011 - moreluxurycar

Platform, segment C with 80 percent of its components can be found in various countries. The concept is also the basic structure of Ford to introduce the next ten global model and will produce two million cars in 2012.

Ford Focus 5-door hatchback, featuring a sporty, 4-door sedan that is elegant, and station wagon 5-spintu style. Focus beramunisi several technologies including Low Speed Safety System, Active Park Assist, Lane Keeping Aid and vectoring Torque Control.

Ford Focus will fill the market with diesel and gasoline engines. The range of gasoline engines: 1.6-liter EcoBoost with a choice of 150 hp and 180 hp, and 1.6-liter Duratec Ti-VCT-powered 105 hp and 125 hp. While the choice of Focus TDCi Duratorq diesel engine, 1.6 liters (95 hp and 115 hp) and 2.0 liter (115 hp, 140 hp and 163 hp).

The focus of the first generation born in 1998. The focus of the population has exceeded 10 million units. And, the latest generation Focus is a global car developed in Europe. Focus will be sold in over 120 countries.

The focus will be the basis for 10 Ford cars and ready to reach production of 2 million per year from 2012. 80% of its components have in common. Focus into the production line in 2010's and early 2011 began to be marketed.
Ford presented the first official pictures of the new generation Ford Focus 2011, will have world premieres during the day, at the Auto Show in Detroit. Unlike the previous generation, the new Focus is a global model, plan to have the same shape in the U.S. and Europe, which is also why this model is presented to a car show in the original state. In addition, Ford has chosen - for this reason - for the moment, in the same time, both hatchback and sedan versions of the new model, the U.S. market which used to prefer a version of the usual four-door Focus hatchback than that present on the streets of Europe.

Aesthetically speaking, a new focus very clearly highlights a new line of models from the Blue Oval, being practically a larger version of the Fiesta subcompact model. The focus is purely European design, the car is being developed at a design center in Germany that has the Michigan brand. The dimensions remain the same for both sedan and hatchback, the dimensions of the chassis and suspension hardware are also borrowed from the older generation, with the necessary repairs.

The focus of the new generation will be done in parallel at the Ford plant in Saarlouis (Germany), Michigan (USA) and Chongqing (China), following which, later, production sites in Spain and Russia to enter the game, too. New focus will go on sale in 2011.

Photo Nissan Micra Black

Photo Nissan Micra Black

Gambar Nissan March In Thailand

Gambar Nissan March In Thailand

Gambar Nissan March In Japan

Gambar Nissan March In Japan

New 2011 BMW 5-Series

New 2011 BMW 5-Series
Much like its little brother the 3 Series, the 5 Series gives you those few little things you can't get in the 3 Series. You can still go from mild mannered to all out race machine, but in much more comfort. All the interior refinements are there but you have much more room, especially in the back seat, which your passengers will thank you for.

For 2011 BMW has added the 5 Series Grand Touring, a hatchback/wagon mashup offering those interested even more room than the 5 series already offers. From the front it looks like any other 5 Series, but once around to the back, everything has changed. It's a striking departure from what we have become accustomed to from BMW.Just like the M3, the M5 is the car for those that want to get the whole family to their final destination amazingly quickly but in complete comfort. All inside will enjoy the smooth, comfortable ride, while the driver will especially like the 500 horsepower V-10 begging you to put your right foot down.

The Range

Bodystyles: Sedan, four-door hatchback, wagon
Engines: 3.0L I-6 turbo, 4.4L V-8 twin turbo, 5.0L V-10
Transmissions: 8-speed automatic, 6-speed manual, 6-speed SMG
Models: 535i, 535 GT, 550i, 550 GT, M5

What's New

The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is the first car in its segment to feature EPS Electric Power Steering. Steering assistance is provided by an electric motor activated only when assistance is necessary or desired by the driver. The 528i and xDrive all wheel drive variants of all three models will arrive later in the year.


No significant changes to the exterior styling of the 5 Series. Still a clean, modern looking sedan, the massaged sheetmetal gives the new 5 Series a strong, masculine look while maintaining the character the 5 series is known for.


As with all BMWs, the interior focuses on driver comfort, whether it's a road trip or laps around a track. Seating positions have been improved front and rear, and rear knee-room has increased by half an inch.

Performance & Handling

The 550i is powered by BMW's 4.4-liter, 400 horsepower twin-turbocharged, direct injected V-8 engine. Through its unique reverse-flow layout, the 550i's V-8 engine is able to achieve higher output without correspondingly higher fuel consumption. BMW's newest gasoline inline-6 engine will be the powerplant for the new 535i Sedan. It features a single, twin-scroll turbocharger and 3.0-liters of displacement.


In the interior, two-stage front airbags, seat-mounted side-impact airbags and curtain-type, front-to-rear head protection are all standard equipment for the 5 Series. The power tilt/telescopic steering column includes a deformation section, improving its ability to protect the driver from structural intrusion into the cabin.

EPA Fuel Economy

535i: 19-20 mpg city/28-29 mpg highway
535 GT: 22 mpg city/33 mpg highway
550i: 15-17 mpg city/22-25 mpg highway
550 GT: 22 mpg city/33 mpg highway
M5: 11 mpg city/17 mpg highway

You'll Like

  • Great styling
  • Wide engine range
  • Good interior room

You Won't Like

  • iDrive, but getting better
  • Hefty price tag

2011 BMW 5-Series

Price Range: $45,050 - $66,700 | MPG: 15 city/32 hwy

gambar nissan march - moreluxurycar

gambar nissan march - moreluxurycar

The original Micra, framename K10, was introduced in October 1982 as a competitor to the highly successful Honda City, was intended to replace the Cherry as the company's competitor in the supermini segment, as the Cherry model itself had progressively become larger with each successive generation. It was introduced in the European market in 1983 and in Canada in 1984. Although Nissan were slowly phasing out the Datsun name, a small "Datsun" appeared on the tailgate for the first two years, and in some European markets, the car was known as the "Datsun-Nissan Micra". The Micra was initially available with an extremely refined all aluminium MA10S SOHC engine. The Datsun badges had disappeared completely by the end of 1984.

Indeed, though that engine won’t be introduced to Europe until 2011 – when it does it will make 96bhp and, combined with a stop-start system, only produce 95g/km CO2. Without the stop-start system or direct injection, the N/A European version produces 79bhp and achieves 115g/km. And with a different compression ratio and different fuel, the Thai engine has a negligible 1bhp less and emits 120g/km CO2.

We just hope the European engine, especially in supercharged guise, will be better. We were hoping for something smooth and sweet spinning, but the new 1.2 actually feels rough and rather restrained, and despite the kerbweight the March is pretty slow in any gear.

Speaking of which, the engine is mated to either a five-speed manual (which is notchy, noisy and has a long throw) or a CVT, which is much better. The CVT ‘box is all new, a boon around town, and without any of the whine that usually accompanies such gearboxes.

Name: Micra
Model: XE
Car Body Type: Hatchback
Segment:B Segment
Fuel Consumption:Highway
18.00 kmpl.
Fuel Consumption:City
14.00 kmpl.


Displacement:1198cc, HR12, 3 cylinder
Engine Type:Petrol
Maximum Power:75 Bhp @ 6000 rpm
Maximum Torque:104 Nm @ 4000 rpm

Length:3780 mm
Width:1665 mm
Height:1530 mm


Seating Capacity: 5

Tyre Size: 165/70 R14

Suspension: McPherson Strut, Torsion Beam

Turning Circle: 4.65 mtrs.

Boot Space: 226.00 ltrs.

Steering: Power

Brakes: Front Disk, Rear Drum

Gears: 5 Manual

Kerb Weight: 970.00 kgs.

Fuel Tank: 41.00

kia pride specification - moreluxurycar

kia pride specification - moreluxurycar

Shopping center of Paris Van Java (PVJ) in Jalan Sukajadi Bandung, West Java, to witness the presence of KIA Pride facelift to the automotive market homeland. KIA Pride price facelift costing USD 145 million for the version of the manual and automatic versions cost Rp 158 million.

"Presented in accordance with the demands of urban life which is always
dynamic and has a very high mobility, "said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia Hartanto Sukmono in Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday (23/06/2010).

The difference with the old version, KIA Pride facelift is now carrying the latest forms and interior ekstrior more riveting. For the exterior, especially on the grille, New KIA Pride carried the concept of 'Tiger Nose' accompanied by a more box shape foglamp emitting element carrying the sporty impression.

For the interior, KIA Pride facelift now claimed more quiet. Not only that, the interior of New KIA Pride now apply the two tone color which is equipped with entertainment features such as CD player, MP3, USB and iPod.

KIA Pride facelift still use the same engine, 1400 cc DOHC
CVVT technology which can give off energy of 94 PS and torque of 12.8 kgm.

There are seven colors prepared for the New Kia Pride which is titanium silver, clear white,
clear silver, beige, red tropycal, sapphire, black minight.

And for consumer satisfaction, KIA has now longer KIA engine warranty period
Pride facelift up to five years or up to 150 thousand kilometers

Honda CRV Reviews - moreluxurycar

Honda CRV Reviews - moreluxurycar

Honda CRV Reviews - moreluxurycar
To have a concept car is relatively difficult hommy. You see, all calculation must be mature, if not belonging to the general concept was so gatot alias fails miserably. Edges money wasted.

However, the Honda CR-V made in 2002 by a courtier had modification Makassar origin,
Arif. Men are daily busy as an entrepreneur was also made Honda CR-V into a complete home theater entertainment with the car in the middle to the back with a third row bench disarmed. Soon it only takes two months and funds amounting to USD 230 millions.

To design the middle cabin, Arif believe in workshops Auto Illusion located in Goa, South Sulawesi with Rahman and Aci.

"All the work I resignedly to the workshop. But for me who run the draft," said Arif told detikOto some time ago.

Before going into the car, we discuss first the outside. Well, the CR-V body is pinned to a custom body made from fiber.

While the inside, the impression is very strong car entertainment when a 32-inch television screen burst in the middle. This large TV can be mechanically driven, so other than as a TV screen can also be for the table.

"That one simple concept but there's function, namely to the table," concluded that singletons.

Completed section was moved to the most important part of the home theater. For
thicked feel of home theater then used webasto sized subwoofer
big. Once completed before the whole interior of leather clad
MBtech original quality maroon color.

Adds nuance of color application in the glamorous and cool impressed. Not to mention trinkets in it plus a rack for storing bottles of liquor.

Not satisfied in that part, then cut the body back to Arif. Bodi was reorganized and back on the bottom that serves planted motorized advance and rewind the seat. To be strong and durable, Arif use steel.

"There is no difficulty in that section. Until now surviving kok and very strong, confident.

Unfortunately, Mark did not remodel any part of the engine. The move was in accordance with the concept that stretcher walking home theater. "Machinery's just me let. But there legs sector changes, especially rim," he said.

What is it? Apparently not many, and Arif peggasuz only use 20-inch rims wrapped with tires Accelera 222 per 35 on the front and rear.

All that Arif was working on quite successfully. Arif, on the mat Clas Mild
Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in 2010 was in Makassar, 19-20 June 2010 managed to whip the Ultimate Elegant 2010.

"Pretty good because last year succeeded King Elegant 2009," proud man who was 20 years old

nissan march super turbo price - moreluxurycar

nissan march super turbo price - moreluxurycar

 PT Nissan Motor Indonesia will be more aggressive in extending its homeland in the automotive market. This is evidenced by a new model that will soon be marketed, the Nissan March.

That in the global market hatchback known as the Nissan MICRA is planned to be introduced to the market later this year, with production about to begin in November.

"March is the perfect vehicle for Indonesia, lightweight, and has a modern design, with fuel-efficient, "said President. Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Takayuki Kimura, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Jakarta, Tuesday (06/29/2010) Earlier, Thailand's first goto the March quota, with a choice of two versions of the standard five-speed manual that dibanderol worth USD 106 million, as well as a luxury version with an automatic CVT transmission USD 155 million.

Nissan March has smaller dimensions than Livina, a capacity compact 1.2-liter engine, 3 cylinder DOHC, which is claimed as a machine that had carried the eco-car.

Unfortunately, Nissan would not divulge specifications and price range will negoitable for the Indonesian market, took place months before the mat IIMS front

March Specifications

Engine capacity 1198 cc

Power 58 kW maximum

Maximum torque 106 Nm

Long 3780 mm

Width 1665 mm

High 1515 mm

2012 BMW M5 new car concept - moreluxurycar

2012 BMW M5 new car concept - moreluxurycar


2012 BMW M5 new car concept - moreluxurycar
New Cars 2012 BMW Concept M5 in Munich, Germany to a select number of journalists. Reportedly, the private showing included cars held at the BMW M facility garage in Garching. Of those cars, the new Cars BMW M5 was showcased along with a few other gems such as an E46 M3 Touring edition (M3 wagon), lightweight M3 sedan and a M8. Of course the big surprise during the private event was the BMW M5 which everyone had only seen partially wrapped in camo until now.

Despite being a technically labeled as a concept car, the New Cars 2012 Bmw M5 Concept is expected to become the precursor to the production version that will be introduced later in the year, possibly at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The capability to reach that speed comes from a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8. It's basically the same engine used by the New Cars X5 M and New Cars X6 M, in which it makes 555 hp. In the M5, that total is likely to increase.

This engine will make the New Cars M5, after the two M SUVs and the 1-series M coupe, the fourth car to deviate from the former and now-obsolete M gospel of high-revving naturally aspirated engines. As consolation, M GmbH development chief Albert Biermann hints that the turbo V-8 will rev beyond 7000 rpm, and BMW promises a 25-percent increase in fuel economy over the 8200-rpm V-10 in the previous M5.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and an electrically controlled active differential developed especially for the New Cars M5. The suspension and brakes also are exclusive to the New Cars M5. The American interest in an honest-to-clutch-pedals manual transmission forced BMW to build the last-gen M5 with a stick, and this time around, we will be the only market to get the option of a six-speed manual.

new hyundai tucson reviews - moreluxurycar

new hyundai tucson reviews - moreluxurycar

One of them, carrying on AUTOMOTIVE last issue concerning the two variants that will appear in Indonesia. So, no need to think long exclusive meeting invitations from PT Hyundai Mobil Indonesia (HMI) for a little national journalists option to try it out directly in the neighboring country. Interesting first trip was adorned this SUV drives sleeker city of Singapore, crossed over to Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur and drove to Genting Highlands, Malaysia. What's it like? Come out mimic kebet!
In an AC system, equipped with sensors that Tucson will turn off the AC compressor at high speed. This looks at the 'MAX A / C'. If this button is pressed, then the AC will work fully. However, if disabled, compressor would die on certain conditions.

So also with the alternator. This current generation devices to work at the time of deceleration. So, there is a kind of electrical coupling in pulien which will be free when they're full acceleration. Bearing system to keep even though the gas was released. This feature is intended to allow more economical fuel consumption Tucson.

Toh, steady energy. Especially when it crossed into the Johor and crossing Lebuhraya (toll road) as far as 368 km to Kuala Lumpur. Transmission 6 Tucson acceleration was smooth, both when the kick down or moved manually through the lever steptronic model. Imperceptibly, even though Malaysia's speed limit is only 110 km / h, Tucson capable search up stuck electronically controlled top speed of 190 km / h,

So, wait for the arrival of Tucson on IIMS later. But the new unit is available around September, because of Tucson will be assembled CKD in the homeland. Of course the effect can be made kompetitif possible price. We'll see!

Okay, just enter the items into the trunk. Very relieved! Three large suitcases, one of which exceeds the size of the 'cabin size' aircraft can be lined up side by side. Then there can be stacked on top tote bag. If you need a more spacious space, 60:40 split back seat that could put to sleep.

Entrance to the cabin, was also relieved. To measure 185 cm posture, it can still sit comfortably in the front seat and back. Create a special driver's seat, high-low setting can be reclining and sliding apart. Set the ideal driving position was easy because there are not even feature telescopic tilt steering.

Travel preparation was done by setting the electric mirror and mirror center who has a bookmark feature strong and wind directions. While the audio in the center dash features a reading of the CD format MP3. There are auxiliary socket for an MP3 player and audio from the USB jack or an iPod for reading flash. Oh yes, must provide special iPod USB power cable because they can not use standard data cable.

Operation of the audio and AC pretty easy because the ergonomic position. Moreover there are buttons on the steering wheel audio controls. Quite easy and does not reduce the concentration of driving. Some features are quite different between the two cars. For example panoramic roof earlier.

In addition, the highest model of light blue, Tucson is also equipped with keyless entry. No need to create keys in the car. Want to start one live press the button. Then power windows have auto feature both down and up (another type of auto down only). Included also features an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and Hill Descent Control (HDC), which already exists at the highest variance. According to Edwin, the highest variant has not been planned into Indonesia. Spek roughly similar to the actual black Tucson.

Turn the ignition key and get ready to move to Orchard Road and goes around the Esplanade. Theta II, 2000 cc engine feels quite smooth. Although a little steering wheel vibrates when played as a stop. Ah, apparently still use hydraulic power steering.

Matic 6 SPEED

Landed in the Changi Airport, Singapore, with cloudy weather conditions had made the heart dag-dig-dug. Fortunately, the pilot and copilot bule able to make iron bird landed safely. Especially after walking toward the parking lot and saw the original form of the New Hyundai Tucson. Balls that had shriveled returned volatile.

Handsome is also the original form of Tucson. Click amazed about the designs came from colleagues who accompany HMI. Oops, this was also the first time they met Tucson Anyar! Turning once or twice looking exterior detail, felt more mature than previous generations.

There are two Tucson are available. One of them complete with a panoramic roof. But it seems this variant has not planned to enter the Indonesian market. "Spek which will present more on the other," said Erwin Djajadiputra, vice president of marketing, sales & after sales of PT HMI.

Specification Data
PxLxT: 4410 x 1820 x 1685 mm
Wheel base: 2640 mm
Ground clearance: 170 mm
Engine: Theta II four-cylinder inline DOHC 16 valve Dual CVVT
Capacity: 1998 cc
Diameter x measures: 86 x 86 mm
Compression ratio: 10,5:1
Power: 166 rpm dk/6.200
Torque: 197 rpm Nm/4.600
Transmission: 6 speed Automatic
Steering: Rack and pinion
Suspension front: MacPherson Strut
Rear suspension: Multi-link
Brakes front / rear: ventilated disc / solid disc, ABS, EBD

Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel Sport - moreluxurycar

Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel Sport - moreluxurycar

  That is the impression gained when detikOto SUV variants that have tested the platform of this Triton Strada. Exceed Pajero Sport 4x2 A / T was free to traverse the route from Jakarta to Carita, Cilegon, Jakarta.

Technical Specifications:

Types Sport : Utility

VehiclePassenger capacity of : seven people

Diesel engine type DOHC Common Rail DI-D Intercooler Turbocharger

Engine capacity : of 2500 cc four-cylinder inline

Power : 136 ps maximum

The peak torque of 314 nm

Features : ABS, EBD, Hybrid LSD, Dual SRS airbags

Price U.S. $ 370 million On The Road

Look outside, other than a typical car berbodi bongsor adventurers, but the gaharnya sweetened by luxury design nuances, such as the chrome-accented front grille vertical, also with equivalent halogen lamp protector, as well as three-diamond logo at its center.

Entry into the cabin, the Pajero Sport presents a fairly broad view of the future, despite the high dimension of this car. Also directly created by the luxury feel of leather upholstery and dashboard of the elegant setting.

Clusternya meter is easy to read, as well as monitor can center that facilitates the driver's instrument panel, where it displayed a variety of information such as average fuel consumption, remaining fuel mileage, air temperature, and various
other vehicle information.

And driving comfort, you will be very awake with a pounding audio from six speakers who yahud. Especially with the control switches on the steering wheel, making the operation easier. But unfortunately the audio did not support USB connection.

Ignited engines, diesel engines roar sounds typical. But it all vanished when it was in the cabin. So also with the vibrations that are usually found on diesel engined cars capable of well-muted.

Across the highway from Jakarta to Merak, Pajero Sport performance exhibited in the affairs of engine power. Although at low rpm, the car ran a bit heavy to be taken, but everything changed after the number passed 2000 RPM.

2500 cc engine DOHC Common Rail Diesel-D IN Intercooler Turbocharger that is embedded behind the hood of the Pajero Sport can really take car was running with a stable, so that the speedometer needle can reach 160 km
per hour.

Also equally interesting is the equivalent of that capitalize suspension independent double-wishbone suspension, with coil spring and stabilizer at the front, and three link coil spring with stabilizer at the rear.

With legs like that, the Pajero Sport suspension still feels soft, but did not make the car dizziness. Whether on the highway, or when crossing Highway Anyer full of holes.

Not to mention his LSD Hybrid feature, which can provide a response that makes the difference rotation and torque between left and right wheels on the axle. This feature ensures power stays on each wheel even though one wheel on slippery surfaces though.

An ergonomic seating position, the practical control thanks to the automatic transmission, and supporting soft suspension, making hundreds of kilometers of the route as far as comfortable to traverse with the Pajero Sport.

We loved the softness of the suspension is not to make the car staggered, but does not like the low round of heavy acceleration.

However, with a price tag of USD 370 million On The Road, you will not be disappointed family adventura

used audi R8 - moreluxurycar

used audi R8 - moreluxurycar

R8 is designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by Audi AG. At the 2005 Audi announced the names of successful racing car (R8), as a highway car that could be used in 2007. Base of the Audi Le Mans quattro concept car.

Version highway officially introduced at the Paris Auto Show 2006. Quite puzzling, because his name the same as the R8 Le Mans Prototype racing champion several times Le Mans 24 hour endurance. But the Audi R8 sports car first so that applying the engine in the middle.

Placement of the engine behind the cockpit, giving the benefit in driving dynamics, with the weight distribution 44% front and 55% in the rear.

Front shape, R8 implement single frame grille. On the left and right side air intake plus a large dimension, in the top row LED light.

From the side there is the element silver look behind the door. Called 'sideblade' function as air vents. The color can be ordered customized with contrasting body color.

Tires, like most car design that uses the middle or rear of the machine, use the palm of the width of the rear wheels. Standard 18-inch rims, but that many are sold into the market, as in this TM, it measured 19 inches.

Equipped with 2400 cc V8 engine and the use of Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI), 420 dk maximum power and maximum torque 430 Nm. Top speednya reach 310 km / h and acceleration from 0-100 km / h 4.6 detik.Sosoknya taken within a cool, make the R8 won the title of the best car. Since launched in 2007, R8 appeared in several movies and TV shows. Call it Iron Man 2 movie. Transformers 2, Dirty Sexy Money, CSI: Miami, Chuck, 17 Again and Date Night.

R8 is sold to the world market is only 5000 units and then attract the attention of any sports car fanatic, automotive photographers and journalists around the world. Strong accent on the back that looks like a sprinter ready bertotot run.

Actor Robert Downey Jr.. Iron Man actor go drool. But the model used R8 Spyder V10 05.02 aka no roof, 5200 cc engine and the engine cover closed. While in the film Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, R8 Sideways robot incarnation on earth.

Which is still running in theaters movie Date Night. We chase, a couple played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey, using R8. That said, the scene was to cost between 1-2 million U.S. dollars (USD 9-18 billion more). Car costing about USD $ 4 billion more (in Jakarta) was destroyed and had collided with a Ford Crown Victoria taxi.

Hmm .. not surprising that the R8 is still warm discussed. "In addition, futuristic style, the engine is good, price is also affordable when compared to Lamborghini and Ferrari," Benny Susilo reason, the manager brings TM Audi R8 2.4 FSI quattro.

New Honda Jazz X Grade 2011

New Honda Jazz X Grade 2011

 Honda Jazz X is presented to provide a premium driving experience, and cater for the Indian market, the price tag of U.S. $ 16,260 or approximately USD 145 millions.

Honda Jazz X comes with the addition of a smart exterior design, which also features a new interior, and a few accessories and the latest design rim.

Front grille that is designed more elegantly with the body color of a sweetened with chrome on the list and foglamp surounding that integrates with the water flow, a differentiator X Jazz with other Jazz version.

The interior now has a two-color scheme of blue and black. Rear parcel shelf, height adjustable driver's seat function and USB ports would add more comfort inside the cabin.

Newer vehicles that have the same engine with the Honda Insight hybrid, complete with a capacity of 1.3 liter engine combined with CTV technology, and an electric motor located between the two to create a parallel hybrid system.

Jazz hybrid, just like the Insight and Civic hybrids, can be driven with electric motors only in slow and medium speed.

Although higher than the Honda Insight, the Jazz have this level of fuel consumption and CO2 production are comparable. Honda will also release data fuel use and gas emissions at the Paris Motor Show.

Jazz hybrid also has some fitu that distinguish it from conventional types such as the appearance of new headlights, rear lights clear, 'front grille' new, brand-new bumper, and the 'tailgate' chrome.

Interior design was slightly different from the 'dashboard' which is darker. Some Jazz hybrid also comes with a leather trim, features for the first time owned the Honda Jazz in Europe.

Meanwhile, the leaders said it is not planning to sell the Honda Jazz hybrid in the United States (U.S.) due to the hybrid segment in the U.S. have been filled by Insight.

Fun, if the Indonesian Jazz 1500 cc engine, well in India this X Jazz hood accommodates 1198 cc four-cylinder engine VTEC is capable of producing 89 hp power.

Honda Honda Jazz in India Price X is costing U.S. $ 16,260 or approximately USD 145 millions.

"We are very pleased to expand the preferred variant for our customers with a Honda Jazz Jazz is the new X-Grade," said Marketing Director of Honda Siel Cars India Pvt India, Tatsuya Natsume, as reported by the official site of Honda India

2009 BMW 7 Series - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

2009 BMW 7 Series - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Doesn't a list of top ten automobiles that has no mention of a BMW model in it, suffer from a major lacuna? All automotive enthusiasts are familiar with the Ultimate Driving Machine. We in India will get to discover more of this car manufacture, because the Bavarian wonder has some major plans for the Indian market. As a step towards this seriousness, it has done something that we have never had in the past - BMW has introduced the 7 Series in India with the same specifications that it carries all over the world!

To aptly describe any BMW is a challenge to the most eloquent tongue. Because, the best way of getting to know a BMW's features, like the proverbial proof of the pudding, is to actually experience the car. Any description of the qualities of the 7 Series will end up being a drab collection of high-sounding technological nomenclatures. Integral Active Steering, Dynamic Damper Control, Head-Up Display and Night Vision, EfficientDynamics and Black panel technology for the instrument cluster are just some of the exotic and innovative features of the BMW 7 Series. With all these special features, the car perfectly fits itself in the top 10 list of super luxury cars.

BMW 5 Series - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

BMW 5 Series - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

The 5 Series is the fastest 4-door sedan in its segment with a top speed of 205 mph. It is available in four variants that have three engine options. The petrol versions come with a 2.3-litre, a 2.5-litre, and a 3.0L engine that generate between 187 bhp to 215 bhp. The 3.0-litre diesel engine produces 175 bhp. The 5 Series comes with additional features like an electrical glass roof with sliding and tilting function, headlight beam-throw control, an automatic HiFi loudspeaker system, a Bose audio system, anti-dazzle mirrors, steering wheel with multifunction buttons, park distance control, sun-blinds for rear window, and Xenon lights including a headlight washer system. The base model price starts from Rs 37 Lakh

Volvo S80 - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Volvo S80 - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Swedish car maker Volvo formally entered India with the official launch of the S80 sedan. Volvo cars are very popular in the US and European markets and have been imported by the creamy layer of Indian society for a long time. Volvo is lauded for introducing new safety features and their vehicles are popularly known as one of the safest in the world. The Volvo S80 sports an elegant (though not sleek) and stately design. The S80 is available in a choice of three engines.

In petrol, it comes with choices of a 235 bhp 3.2-litre Inline-6 engine and a performance-oriented 311 bhp, 4.4L V-8 engine. In diesel, it is offered with a single option of a 183 bhp, 2.5L Turbodiesel Inline- 5 engine. All engines are coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission and the option of a manual transmission is unavailable. The S80 is currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh as completely built units imported from Sweden. The price starts from Rs 38 Lakh

Mercedes-Benz E-Class - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Mercedes-Benz E-Class - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is for society's movers and shakers. E-class comes with great engineering quality and ride comfort. It is sold in two petrol variants and one diesel variant. The petrol variants host two types of engines: a 1.8L Inline-4 engine that produces 156 bhp and a 3.0L V-6 engine that generates 228 bhp, which are coupled to a 5-speed automatic transmission. The diesel variant is powered by a 3.0-litre V-6 engine that is paired with a 7-speed automatic and produces 196 bhp. The E-Class starts its bidding at Rs 40.72 Lakh

BMW 6 Series Coupe - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

BMW 6 Series Coupe - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

The 6 Series 650i coupe entered the Indian car industry in 2007 with a powerful 4.8-litre V8 petrol engine with an output of 362 bhp. The striking coupe offers option of three gearbox-six-speed manual transmission, six-speed automatic transmission with Steptronic, and six-speed sequential manual transmission.

The exterior is royally adorned with vertically-retractable glass rear window which can be raised or lowered without any relation to the soft top. The interior flaunts with superior and plush upholstery, the power-adjustable leather-wrapped steering wheel with multi-function buttons.

Added to all these, it is one of the safest vehicles in its class. It comes with seat belts, airbags, child seat fastening ISOFIX on the rear seat and central locking. It is also given structural safety features such as crumple zones and side impact protection, apart from standard ABS and cruise control. The 2009 BMW 6 Series Coupe has an ex-showroom starting price of Rs 79 Lakh

2009 BMW 3 Series - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

2009 BMW 3 Series - 10 Top Luxury cars in india 

Even if it is among the lower-rung BMW models, it is after all a product of the Ultimate Driving Machine. The BMW 3 Series is a lovely car for India. It is among BMW's least priced models, too. BMW has decided to add thrust to its Indian market by targeting the potential buyer of the BMW 3 Series. And what could give a consumer greater joy than beholding a supremely modified premier car? The revamping it has received is nearly total.

Take a look at what all its variants - the 320i and 325i petrol, and 320d and 320d Highline diesel have got in modifications. It features front and rear Parking Distance Control (PDC) sensors, redesigned headlamp clusters with LED, twin exhausts, all-new LED tail lamps, integrated boot spoiler, aggressive bumpers, fog lamps and bi-xenon lights, idrive, which has an 80GB hard drive with 12GB earmarked for music, wood and leather finishes, windows controls that are moved 20 mm towards the driver, Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Audi A4 - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Audi A4 - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

 The A4 is a brilliantly executed compact luxury car that displays good agility and composure even when driven hard. Its front wishbone suspension is well tied in with the rear and as a result you enjoy cornering the car hard. With its attractive looks, bullet-proof build, and friendly dynamics, the A4 is worthy of its price. Available in two variants, the A4 is powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged petrol motor that generates 163 bhp and a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine that produces 140 bhp. A 7-speed Multitronic transmission is standard. The estimated fuel economy is 9/15 km/l (city/highway). The Audi A4 price starts at Rs 28 Lakh

Mercedes-Benz C-Class - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Mercedes-Benz C-Class - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a compact bundle of technology, safety, and luxury. It is called the stepping stone to the three-pointers club. The C220 CDI offers scintillating performance. One of the objectives of the redesigned C-Class was to give it a more purposeful, sportier stance; at first glance, the modified exterior of the face-lifted car exudes a noticeably enhanced and more powerful appearance.

A new surface grain and a matt-look finish on several trim parts and better quality switches are the highlight of the new interiors. The 1.8L petrol engine in the C 200 Kompressor variants generates 158 bhp, while the 2.2L diesel engine in the C 220 CDI produces 141 bhp. All variants are available with either a 5-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission. The estimated fuel economy is 7/11 km/l (city/highway). The price of a C-Class starts close to Rs 25 Lakh

2009 Skoda Superb - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

2009 Skoda Superb - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

The advertisement for this model proclaims that it is a seven-star experience. This should perhaps give an indication of what is to come from this ultra-luxury model. Ever since it hit Indian roads, it has been a consistent success.

The new Superb is a superbly refurbished model. It is new in most aspects, starting from the sophisticated engine. It is powered by 1.8-litre Turbocharged petrol engine that has power of 160 bhp. Also, given is a Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel variant with Pumpe Duse. The engine is mated with a 7-speed automatic transmissions.

Electric sunroof, 12-way electrically adjustable driver and passenger seat with programmable memory, Skoda audio player with 6.5-inch LCD TFT touchscreen, dual zone climate control, integrated six-CD charger and SD/MMC data card reader are just some of the interior comforts of this model. A novel Skoda Umbrella and Lounge Step are also among the attractive features.

With all these, the exteriors are more chiseled compared to the earlier model. It comes with twin-door system, a new feature, bi-xenon headlights, and adaptive front light system. There is also a long list of safety and security features on this vehicle. The model is available with a price tag of Rs 18.8 Lakh.

Toyota camry - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

Toyota camry - 10 Top Luxury cars in india

 Aggressively styled with a cool interior and a sweeter, more responsive engine, the new Camry is infinitely more exciting than the outgoing model. However, the rear seats are not as comfy as before and it is more expensive too. It carries the Toyota mark all over it. It is available in manual and automatic transmissions and has a 2.4-litre engine generating an impressive 167 bhp. The Automatic variant is equipped with an all-new five-speed transmission system with ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission). Estimated fuel economy is 8/11 km/l (city/highway). Toyota has used HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps with auto-leveling feature for the Camry's headlamps to help improve straight-line visibility, thereby enhancing safety standards. A retractable headlamp cleaner gives the driver the option of cleaning the headlamps at the push of a button from the luxurious confines of the cabin, ensuring clear visibility even in bad weather. Price starts from a little over Rs 21 Lakh