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Hyundai Elantra MakesWARD'S 10 Best Interiors List

honour further demonstrates that a car achieving
40 mpg standard highway fuel economy is not
only practicable but fashionable as well. In one of
the most competitive years for the award,
Ward’s editors evaluated 51 vehicles that were all-
new or featured significantly upgraded interiors.

This year’s 10 Best Interiors list represents a
broad cross section of the industry, from utility
vehicles and minivans to small cars and high-end
premium sedans.
“Proving economy cars ‘ain’t what they used to
be,’ the Hyundai Elantra Limited delivers enough
flair to suggest the South Korean automaker is
finding its own unique interior design language,”
said Drew Winter, editor-in-chief, Ward’s

AutoWorld. “The instrument panel of the Elantra
displays a curvaceous sensuality, with a belt
drawn tightly around the climate controls; the
center console then widens as it flows down to
the gear shifter.”
The 2011 Elantra represents a modern approach
to the traditional compact sedan segment
featuring a sleek style, advanced safety features,
“class above” interior volume and standard 40
mpg highway fuel economy.

Inside the Elantra,
customers find Hyundai’s expertise in interior
packaging, lighting, leading-edge design and
craftsmanship. This approach is visible in the
clarity of the instruments and the tilt and
telescopic steering wheel. The seats help fuel
economy and the environment, being made of
lightweight, environmentally friendly foam.

Heated seats are available in the front and the
rear, a segment first.
“The sophisticated interior of the Elantra is
designed to bring new life to the compact car
segment combined with the ultimate in
functionality for the driver,” said Chris Zarlenga,
design manger, Hyundai America Technical
Center. “Being named to Ward’s 10 Best Interiors,
alongside vehicles like the Audi A8 and BMW X3
xDrive35i, shows that compact cars can provide
an engaging experience as well.”
Ward’s editors picked the winning interiors using
the same methodology employed for the annual
Ward’s 10 Best Engines program.
Scoresheets are
completed for each vehicle driven based on
materials, ergonomics, safety, the human-
machine interface, comfort, fit-and-finish, overall
value and aesthetics. Following the evaluation,
Ward’s editors have extensive discussions to
determine the winners.
The Ward’s 10 Best Interiors competition takes
the place of the Interior of the Year program that
dates back well before 2005, when Ward’s
acquired the Auto Interiors Conference.

The 2011
interior winners will be honored in a special
ceremony at this year’s conference May 17 at The
Henry Ford hotel in Dearborn, Mich.



    $ 56.375

    $ 47.520

    $ 51520


SPESIFIKASI Toyota Supra Hybrid

 Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota plans to give birth to a new sports car instead of MR2 and regenerates legendary sports car, the Supra.
Supra is a sports car that has been manufactured by Toyota since 1979 years ago but stopped production in the year 2002. Well this car will soon be reincarnated issued at the end of 2013.
As quoted by Autocar, Friday (25/06/2010) later, this MR2 change kitchen runway collection system will use a hybrid that combines a 1500 cc petrol engine with an electric motor.
Initially, Toyota plans to transplant a V6 engine in this car, but because the CR-Z has proved successful in Japan, Toyota is also reportedly reviewing it in order not to be regarded as the imitators.
Toyota Supra Hybrid later this would be a manifestation of the FT-HS concept car (Future Toyota Hybrid Sport), which never exhibited in Detroit in 2007.
Development of this model was reportedly walking along with the development of FT-86 which is a collaboration of the Toyota sport utility vehicle and Subaru.
However, the rebirth of the Toyota Supra will seem a little disturbed. For opponents, such as Honda Toyota is also preparing similar sports cars.
Nissan and the Mitsubishi has even gone further with the plan of a sports car with the overall issue of energy sources from the electric motor.
Nissan is currently preparing an electric car that combines the Nissan two-door concept car Langlider Leaf and as a source of inspiration and planned to be introduced in the coming year 2014.
Meanwhile, Mitsubishi plans to produce a sports version of the i MiEV in 2012 and reportedly also is preparing a legendary sports car, Lancer Evolution in hybrid versions. 


 thump with her boyfriend when modifying a car, make this girl would not want to go change his Honda Jazz.

"Not content with it if only to see a girlfriend's favorite vehicle to modify the course, I also want to follow-up," said Dewi Ruray Masyita to detikOto in Makassar, South Sulawesi, several days ago.

Then, the woman who is familiarly called goddess rose directly remodel Honda Jazz
the year 2009. Concept be appointed modifications are tailored elegance with everyday needs. But it's not the boyfriend chimed alone.

"I do a lot of debris, only tailored to the needs, but still matched," said one medical student university in Makassar.

The first step is to patch up the whole car bent with Noblesse body kit with a color that harmonized with the color of the car. Once completed, and beautify the area of the legs.

Reorganized is one of the rim. STD rim stripped and replaced with a rim size of 17 with a bandage SSW accelera tires 205 per 40. Meanwhile, in parts per car, per custom Goddess trust.

"For part of that one guy I recommend wear per custom," said Dewi get along with her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, to beautify the front, which has seen the car Jazz was awarded the headlamp type R. And do not forget to the stern precisely mufflers, Goddess of using replica Garson. Not bad, although the similarity almost same, but still look different.

After external affairs is now headed into the finish. Well, to accommodate
Dewi driving pleasure was pinned leather MBtech throughout the interior with glossy black motif. Plus MTX 10-inch subwoofer with four channels fulltone power.

While the head unit, the Goddess not just change its form. He retains the authenticity of his personal car. "I let Interior standards alone, I'll still have the original impression," said the woman's original Ternate who also maintain the integrity of 1500 cc VTEC engine.

Thats Goddess desire not to be a spectator only. In all, the Goddess must set aside funds amounting to Rp 15 million.

SPESIFIKASI New Kia Pride | Hatchback

 If you have money to Rp 150 million and wants to have a new hatchback vehicle. With that much money, first interred intention to drive a Honda All New Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki Swift or Hyundai i20. Because, the price is still far above and closest to the official price was only i20 USD 169 million (lowest).

If it remains determined to have a hatchback, there are alternative options, namely New Kia Pride, the new-launch Wednesday (06/23/2010) yesterday in Bandung. In fact, PT Kia Motor Indonesia (KMI), the South Korean car producer in Indonesia, it provides more than 10 units for attempted dozens of reporters with the Jakarta-Bandung route to go home.

In terms of form, the New Pride with the previous model, launched in 2007 almost exactly. The difference, look at the grille design which embraces the concept of tiger nose. Attractive design coupled with its bumper fog lights and headlight sporty black bezel to match with none other than the tastes and styles of young people now.

For the interior was nothing flashy, but with two tone colors, and for entertainment there is a CD, MP3, USB, and iPod connection.

So also with the engine, still the same as previous 1400 cc DOHC 16-valve CVVT. 94 PS engine power at 6000 rpm and torque at 4700 rpm 12.7 kgm.

Although the capacity of runways same kitchen, does not mean there is no change. "Teeth ratio is more stretched, especially the second and fourth gear," explained Ridjal Hitech Marketing Communication Manager of KMI, the after finishing the test in one of the KIA showroom in Tebet, South Jakarta, Thursday (06/24/2010).

With a little alteration, it is clear that the New Pride is reliable enough to travel out of town. Hence, IMA invites journalists to Bandung to prove it. "Actually, this trip is more fun alone. But the main core wants to show its stability because it has a wheelbase and wheel tread a long and low ground clearance," explained Ridjal.

Benny Averdi of Automotive tabloids tell if the teeth 2 can be pulled up to 70 km. "To top speed of baseball tried, but taut ran had reached 160 km / h," explained Benny.

New Pride is available in seven color options. For the price, which transmit manually USD 145 million and Rp 158 million automatic transmissions (both on the road of Jakarta). Means, with funds in the hands of USD 150 million has been able to get a hatchback with a spacious interior space.


   American Honda Motor Co.. hybrid sports coupe announced the pricing of Honda CR-Z which will be available at dealers across the United States starting in late August this year with prices starting at $ 19.200.

Honda calls this hybrid as stylish vehicles, drivers and harmonize the focus on efficiency and Performance. Favor two-passenger coupe is sporty and taut handling. Engine 1.5-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine combined with the Integrated Motor Assist Performance in order to obtain both efficiency. This hybrid system combined with the sportier 6MT transmission. Other options Automatic Transmission continuously variable.

Honda prepare a three-mode drive system that is Sport, Normal and Econ. There are two variants of the CR-Z, where the richer features of the CR-Z is named EX equipped with a sound system better, including subwoofer, Bluetooth, and steering wheel covered in leather


  Every year there will be a new Ferrari or at least redesign. This Italian manufacturer's efforts to meet the increasingly long list of orders, while still maintaining its appeal to potential new buyers.

Ferrari will retain the four main models of California and the 612 Scaglietti in the GT 458 Facebook 599 Fiorano in Italy and the sports car. Each year from these models will be replaced with M or modification model. Model M it appeared four years after the car in question was launched. After four years in the model M will replace the new generation.

The above four models, the flagship model or generation of supercars will change every decade or more. Ferrari will also prepare a version of the Scuderia or Spyder.

The closest is a replacement for the 612 Scaglietti is estimated to be present the first half of next year. Followed by substitute Enzo successor in late 2011 and the 2012 599 GTB Fiorano.

One of Ferrari's current focus is to pivot a relatively long time. Currently the waiting time could reach 18 months to 24 months. Therefore, consumers will begin to look to other brands. Ferrari hopes to cut that time to less than one year. How, to produce cars faster, not more.

SPESIFIKASI Jazz Hybrid | Price USD 150 million

CEO of Honda Motor Corp. Takanobu Ito had expressed disappointment at the Insight hybrid car sales performance. Honda also is currently preparing new hybrid of jazz-based but has the same components with the Insight.

Jazz, this hybrid some time ago had caught the camera being tested by Honda.

Like the Japanese daily Nikkei reported, and told Reuters on Thursday (24/06/2010), which is a combination gas-electric hybrid Insight Jazz and it will be released for 1.5 million yen (approximately USD 150 million with an exchange rate of 1 yen = USD 100.4 ) in Japan.

This means that the price is 400 000 yen cheaper than the Insight, but more expensive 200 000 yen from the Jazz or the Fit.

The new car can go up to 30 km per liter, slightly increased from the most efficient fuel consumption for the Jazz that is 25 km per liter.

This new hybrid course will increasingly create competitive polar hybrid cars in Japan increased. In addition to Honda, Toyota also reportedly will issue a new hybrid in the year ahead



Shopping center of Paris Van Java (PVJ) in Jalan Sukajadi Bandung, West Java, to witness the presence of KIA Pride facelift to the automotive market homeland. KIA Pride price facelift costing USD 145 million for the version of the manual and automatic versions cost Rp 158 million.

"Presented in accordance with the demands of urban life which is always
dynamic and has a very high mobility, "said Marketing Director of PT KIA Mobil Indonesia Hartanto Sukmono in Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday (23/06/2010).

The difference with the old version, KIA Pride facelift is now carrying the latest forms and interior ekstrior more riveting. For the exterior, especially on the grille, New KIA Pride carried the concept of 'Tiger Nose' accompanied by a more box shape foglamp emitting element carrying the sporty impression.

For the interior, KIA Pride facelift now claimed more quiet. Not only that, the interior of New KIA Pride now apply the two tone color which is equipped with entertainment features such as CD player, MP3, USB and iPod.

KIA Pride facelift still use the same engine, 1400 cc DOHC
CVVT technology which can give off energy of 94 PS and torque of 12.8 kgm.

There are seven colors prepared for the New Kia Pride which is titanium silver, clear white,
clear silver, beige, red tropycal, sapphire, black minight.

And for consumer satisfaction, KIA has now longer KIA engine warranty period
Pride facelift up to five years or up to 150 thousand kilometers



In addition to Indonesia, namely MPV cars PM7, distributor of Chevrolet cars in Indonesia, PT General Motors Autoworld Indonesia (gmai) almost certainly will bring a Chevrolet Orlando to Indonesia.

The plan, a car that is a fusion of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) will be included gmai coming in mid-2011.

This was confirmed by the Managing Director of PT General Motors Indonesia AutoWorld (gmai) Mukiat Sutikno, in Nusa Dua, Bali.

"The odds are 70 percent," he said.

However, this time by Mukiat masuih gmai wait certainty selling price of this car on the market later. For the launch of the new Orlando itself will be implemented next year.

From the looks, a combination SUV with a strong aura of a compact MPV seems to have succeeded in making this car look so different all at once captivating.

The results can be achieved in Orlando because this car took the base from which Delta Chevrolet Cruze and Volt adopted by, so when you see it is not the same aura that erupted with most MPV.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen pacue, Chevrolet Orlando is going to carry the same engine that is also platform with the Cruze sedan, the Ecotec engine capacity of 1800 cc, which is also the engine for a global platform from GM.

"For the price, I think Orlando will exist under the Captiva," said Mukia

MODIFIKASI Mtsubishi Lacer 2000


Film about the car can inspire people to modify his car. Like the guy on this one Makassar origin, Bowo. Bowo was inspired from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious.

However, Bowo who is also a university medical students in Makassar
was able to prepare the car is different from the others with the concept of Street Racing like in the movies.

Consequently, the title of King Street Racing succeeded him on the show Clas Mild Gondol Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in 2010 which was held in Makassar, 19 to 20 June 2010.

Most gress breakthrough he did on the door Mitsubishi Lancer 2000 is
remodel as a whole, so the door stayed two just in front.

The concept is different too, how to open both doors now up manually or called gullwinger. However, to be open, the door must first be shifted manually

Frugal if you do not need to open the door wide can, too. Like when in the parking lot. saving only about 40 cm before the door is upgraded to the top.

"Before the open, the door being moved first. Deliberately made like that, so if parking not need to be opened up," said Bowo to detikOto in Makassar.

There is no difficulty what the candidate's doctor when to change them.
"I do not have difficulties to Tear down it," he said.

Switch to the body. Well, to amaze those who view it, Bowo. Bodi Kit Fiber equated full a la street racing until he also Pin a spoiler section for balancing the car fled. While for the color of his chameleon colors to smear the whole body.

After all the wrong he switched to the legs. Strong so that he used the rim
222/35 heart racing ring 19 in the fourth point.

And in just four months, what materialized late crave Bowo so that invited to race the car was ready. How many candidates spent their money for changing Lancer this doctor? Bowo confessed spent USD 60 million


Modifying cars with extreme force into a separate calculation for each individual. You see, related funds and other readiness to become the focus of the jury and guests in the event of modification contest.

As did Andi Makassau, Ferio 1996 Honda owner who was crowned King on the show Extreme Clas Mild Accelera Auto Contest 'Soul of Unlimited Imagination' in 2010 which was held in Makassar, 19 to 20 June 2010.

Dare to create breakthrough classified-style cars in the Extreme
Makassar. The aim is none other than to satisfy the personal self.

"When talking about extreme modification was not talking about funding and
comfort. The important thing is how do I desire is achieved, "said Andi to detikOto in Makassar last weekend.

Pilat-pillar of the car was dismantled just to get all desire. After that stripped the car seat just to instill 18 speakers and three tweeters which
equipped with screens 17 inches and 200 W power powerless and four CH and 500 WXI.

Throughout the body kit was pinned by using fiber materials. It was he
do up the front and rear bumpers. Other Modification he did on both the front door carrying the gullwinger concept.

To give the impression of extreme, Andi change the position of the steering wheel to the center. Not to forget
by pinning the BMS Motorsport steering wheel a la costum. The execution of the wheel revolutionized the position not long, it only takes half months with the repositioning terod, ball joint.

Unfortunately there is not much to be done to increase engine performance. "The machine is not much changed. Only some of the electrical system alone," said the father of four children.

After the affair is finished, now matter the color. With imagination Andi
smear mustard accented with a combination of six colors sea. While for the legs, Andi supplement it with Kony shcok combined with a screw HNR. While after-market footprint ring pinned rim 20. "The name of fun blue brake with accents of sea monsters," said Andi.

Then, what about the funds. Andi does not want to comment on the matter,
the grounds are not counted.

struggle considered successful. Because, before the contest in Makassar, June 19 to 20
then, the 'Sea Monster' was also crowned King of Extreme at mat
same in Makassar a few years ago. And never stop in Surabaya for modifications to the 2003 contest

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Listrik Mitsuoka | Modifikasi dari iMiEV

 Mitsuoka Motor Co., a special modification of the Japanese house, not only alter of exotic cars and classic style, but now also expanded into electric cars. For this, the choice is Mitsubishi's electric car with a base iMiEV.

To be able to add one more passenger, so five, Mitsuoka extend the i-MiEV 175 mm. Appearance is also a pure electric car "faces made", especially the front and rear faces. Like his name will be renamed.

Recently appeared similar car electric cars Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which Mitsuoka Like. This car is an electric car which is actually a modified version of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Modifications made in addition to making a little more elegant shape, this car is also able to accommodate five people in it.

Mitsuoka, the which have typically developed cars based on Nissans, has released a new five seat electric vehicle Called the Like. Originally meant for four, Mitsuoka have stretched the length of the i-MiEV by 175mm and have fitted another seat.

The Mitsuoka Like Would Carry the Same electric powertrain in the Mitsubishi i-MiEV That produces 63 hp and 180 Nm of torque. Mitsuoka has already started taking orders for the Like and Would begin deliveries this August 2010.

Look of the car is also considered to be very creepy and was even dubbed the car with a look awful by the LA Times.

Newfangled car 2-door coupe is carrying the 5-speed automatic transmission which is then coupled with a capacity of 3.3 liter V6 engine taken from Toyota.

The machine is capable of spraying power up to 233 hp at 5600 rpm engine speed that will appear sporty rear-wheel drive system with rear-wheel driv.

Based on the information, electric cars are available in five colors is ready shipped to buyers in August. Especially for consumers in Japan, Mitsuoka provide assistance for three years in the form of "Mitsuoka Road Assistance" for free.

SPESIFIKASI Peugeot | Pengganti Model 407 dan 607

French car manufacturer Peugeot replacement candidate signals 407 and 607 models. The concept is what they call "five by Peugeot" was on display at the Geneva Auto Show 2010 (March and then). If curious, Paris Auto Show in September and coming into his debut appearance for the new European market will Scrollable 2011.

From a reliable source, the base 508 has a dimension equal to 5. Even using 2.0 L diesel engine-powered 163 HDi FAP PS. This car will also be equipped with electric motors power 37 PS and became a French car manufacturer Peugeot as the first to produce a hybrid model.

Only, the first launch performed versions of diesel engines, hybrids are a possibility in 2012. Interestingly, for a hybrid using four-wheel moving system with one electric motor is placed at the back. Versin medium diesel front-wheel (2WD).

Implanted back into the kitchen, there are two options for diesel, which is 2.0 L HDi (160 PS) and a 3.0 L V6 6-speed automatic transmit. Strength, 237 PS.

Peugeot is also planning to add a line up for gasoline version. 1.6 L engine capacity but has turbo and 156 PS power possessed

SPESIFIKASI Chevy Spark usa

Distributor of Chevrolet cars in Indonesia, PT General Motors Indonesia AutoWorld (gmai) introduced new car, the Chevrolet Spark.

Spark is present and seemed to provide interesting surprises in the event held gmai media gathering in Bali.

"This is the latest Spark. This is the first time in Indonesia Spark appeared before the media. In fact there has been no dealership has ever seen," said Managing Director of PT General Motors Indonesia AutoWorld, Mukiat Sutikno in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Tuesday (22/06/2010 ) night.

Mukiat then explained that the cars that appear as characters in the movie Transformers Skid is planned to be be seen in public next month.

Because gmai new plan will release this car is officially on July 23 in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition of the largest automotive carpet Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS).

In view of this car looks very dynamic and trendy with curves that would have young people like Indonesia.

Meanwhile, if you go into the interior, will not be felt if this is actually the Spark city car concept cars luxurious and spacious thanks to the appearance in his cabin.

Especially with 1200 cc engine that powered the manual transmission, the Chevrolet Spark is claimed to be very powerful.

"This is the answer for young people who have always wanted to style but without sacrificing quality," he concluded.

SPESIFIKASI BMW 325i | Stabil 240 Km/Jam

Here's a new variant of PT BMW Indonesia, as car manufacturers BMW in the homeland. Certainly it looks like not much different, but see dong, behind there emblemnya, 325i. That's the difference, not only the new runway kitchen, there are again some sectors were experiencing increasing compared to the previous three series. The BMW 325i is sold for Rp 680 million (on the road, Jakarta).

Like other variants of origin berlambang propeller manufacturer that, in the trunk of the BMW 325i is not going to find spare wheel.

Because already using tires RFT Run Flat Tire alias which was when deflated could still be used up to 150 kilometers with a maximum speed of 80 km / hr.

That similarity, another similar case, of course with the previous three series, namely the body as a whole is still the same as 320i or 330i. However, there is new equipment on this BMW 325i.

On the roof there is a sunroof as standard. So even on the headlamps, Daytime Running Lamp, similar to other German origin of a mount, Audi. So, angel eyesnya so remain lit during the day.
To play it live settings easily on the iDrive button on the center console. This button can also be used to set the TV, radio, CD, Hard disks and navigation systems and other devices.

But the attraction of the new engine which now brings four door sedan was shot, right? Inline 6 cylinder engine 2497 cc, with a maximum power of 218 rpm and peak torque dk/6.500 Nm/2.750 250 rpm. 6-cylinder engine is quite smooth vibration, but the pull of baseball as smooth as a matter of vibration.

To escape from rest to 100 km / h, just 8.3 seconds. Obviously these results the role of the gearbox 6 acceleration. This transmission, there is the additional facility is also on the BMW 325i.

Besides can be moved manually on the lever shifter, there are also buttons on the wheel circumference. With this manual setting of course the driver can play with the spin machine. Moreover, this machine was fierce in the rotation above 4500 rpm, maintaining live rounds in it, more quickly pull can be done, especially when overtaking on a steep incline. Understandably at the bottom round, still feels less responsive engine.

Problem maneuvering and stability, just the same as the other three series, a suspension that feels somewhat hard it was created to provide stability when racing on the sedan with a top speed of 240 km / hour.

But in the big bumpy roads or potholes bantingannya reduction can still be relied upon to keep the shocks.

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Yaris | TRD Sportivo

SPESIFIKASI Toyota Yaris | TRD Sportivo
Many ways to pick the market, ranging from improved performance, and also to look different. Like Toyota's Yaris TRD Sportivo this. By increasing the performance and appearance, expected share of young people who enjoy the Yaris negoitable the price of Rp 245, 450 million (on the road, Jakarta) with several devices of the TRD based in Japan.


Yaris S type is the type from the ranks of the top three types of Yaris, after the lowest A and E in the middle. By completeness smart key entry, start / stop engine button, and dual SRS airbags as well as the use of disc brakes for the rear wheels, have become standard.

Plus this Sportivo TRD accessories, front spoiler, rear, and a rim and suspension on all four wheels. Appeared in front of spoiler more impressive than the Yaris macho type S standard. Likewise in the back, looks like a rear diffuser design with dual tip mufflers from TRD. Plus aerokit above the rear glass. Oh yes, this type screen only white.
Plus this Sportivo TRD accessories, front spoiler, rear, and a rim and suspension on all four wheels. Appear in front of spoiler more impressive than the Yaris macho type S standard. Likewise in the back, looks like a rear diffuser design with dual tip mufflers from TRD. Plus aerokit above the rear glass. Oh yes, this type screen only white.

But the intriguing thing is the suspension. Because this is one performance that can be felt directly by the driver. With a blend of stability can be expected TRD exceed standards of quality appliances.

As she passed the street on the outskirts of the capital city with a surface not too flat and not rare to see a hole, slamming a bit to make the body swaying. But his swing is still not reached the stage of making an alias to make gout tired.

Fine, just take it too fast! At speeds around 60 km / h and made a zig-zag, still no symptoms slither aka oversteer, rear body, as well as understeer does not occur, the suspension was still able to withstand the load to the front wheels and the traction was still strong enough tread the road.

Then, when the speed of creeping up on the 120 km / h impromptu maneuver certainly more limited, because the effects of oversteer already started to happen. Of course simply pass on the highway with no sharp corners still get traction stability of this suspension.
Straight and sometimes bumpy road as the surface Cipularang toll, or toll JORR, damping feels a little hard on the inside. But even this did not affect its control. Mounts can still be controlled by the driver in the direction preferred that .

so, still feels a little wind pushed the car, when it precedes a big car in a high speed, such as when passing a bus, feels there is a push to the side.

Felt, the suspension gives a different sensation to the Yaris. Simply provide stability, nor did he leave the side of comfort for passengers.



American cars are usually identical to fuel wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. But Ford Motor Indonesia is trying to dismiss it as the Indonesian International Motor Show later.

Later, all models Ford has brought the machine is environmentally friendly, because it already supports bio-fuell engine, so it can drink the ethanol fuel.

The design of Ford's new Ranger seem slim at the same time sturdy. This impression seemed to reflect the existence of a significant effect on stage automotive exhibition. Not only is the new design, Ford ensures that new Ford Ranger has the advantage of power and fuel economy up to incredible ability pickup truck covers and cargo capacity prime attraction.

According to them, the new Ranger is not only developing an extensive legacy of Ranger skills, also gives the owner full interior features comfortable and airy and extraordinary driving experience that can be expected from a car.

For the choice of engine, Ford's new Ranger will consist of four engine options that gasoline engine with cylinder capacity of 2200 cc and diesel engines with cylinder capacity of 3200 cc. As well as the Duratec engine is equipped with a cylinder capacity 2,500 cc and engine capacity of 2,000 cc four-cylinder EcoBoost technology plus. Interestingly, it turns out Ford's new Ranger is actually not sold in North America.

"For the moment we have no plans to sell the new Ranger in the American region," said Vice President of Ford's global product development, Derrick Kuzak. In fact, the Ford Ranger is a product that is very popular with Americans.

In China and India, Ford sold 482,129 vehicles to date, which is an increase of 50 percent compared to the period from January to September 2009. Ford itself has invested a total of $ 4 billion since 2006 and employs more than 25,000 people in the Asia Pacific and Africa.

Ford also has been successful in Thailand, where there is strong demand for the Ford Fiesta, so that sales in Thailand rose more than threefold compared with the same month last year, an increase of 264 percent to 2049 units.

Ford Ranger reinforced with 3 variants of the 2.5-liter engine intercooled turbo, 2.5 liter Turbo Intercooler and VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), and 3.0 liter Turbointercooler and VGT.

Third kitchen runway had been taking Duratorq TDCi technology Commonrail impressive and has a torque of 330 Nm for large: 2.5-liter, while 380 Nm for the 3.0 liter.

Ford Ranger Reliability machine is not in doubt. Power issued a very large, up to the above-average pick-up other car with similar engine characteristics.

The existence of this new pick-up in early 2011 will certainly enliven the market pickup RI. Moreover the market pick-up in RI now been more colorful with a superior product which is claimed from each car manufacturer, such as the Strada Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan with Frontier, ToyotaHis Hilux.

"The engines we will have support B5 and E20, so it can drink the ethanol fuel to 20 percent," said Marketing Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia, Davy Tuilan, at the Hotel Nikko Jakarta, Tuesday (06/22/2010)

Davi explained, all of which will be on display models like the Ford Everest, Ford Ranger, Ford Focus and Ford Escape, has brought these biofuel technologies.

"In fact we also provide either a Ford Fiesta when IIMS biofuels later," he said.

However, when asked whether the well will be marketed, Davi still could not confirm the plan. Clearly, the presence of biofuel models are indeed adapted to the theme of this year's IIMS, Eco Technology Motoring.

Thus, apart from going to far more environmentally friendly, fuel containing 20 percent ethanol could make fuel consumption more efficient.

"But we're still waiting for the government to prepare its infrastructure, if it would be marketed," the lid

SPESIFIKASI Mazda Mobil Gullwing Ryuga

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia will also spoil the end of automotive enthusiasts in the homeland. After all, mat Indonesian International Motor Show will be the premiere of the Mazda Ryuga concept car in Indonesia.

Ryuga which in Japanese means to flow generously, carried by the Mazda Ryuga concept, which was adopted from flowing Nagare concept.

The futuristic design, concentrating on the improvement and sophistication by combining high quality materials, excellent skills, innovative and highly detailed.

In fact, a prestigious award Louis Vuitton Classic Concept in 2007 was successfully achieved modil Japanese manufacturers who brought the spirit of 'Zoom-Zoom "is.

Ryuga is a four-passenger car capacity, but with a longer wheelbase than the Mazda RX8. Where space kokpitnya really like the cockpit of a futuristic fighter plane.

Although not officially given details about the machines that contain, but reportedly was carrying the Mazda Ryuga environmentally friendly engines E85 Flex Fuel.

Moreover, enhanced with features such as the gullwing doors gull wing, could at least divide the attention of visitors IIMS between the Mazda Ryuga, and Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS is also the same type door.

Curious? IIMS waiting patiently ya soon

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Daihatsu Harga Murah

 Daihatsu cars cheaper price guarantee is coded M-Concept will not be defeated with low-cost global car Tata Nano.

It directly addressed the Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), Amelia Tjandra. He said this is a special low-cost cars were presented to the people of Indonesia.

"It is up to now, we could not determine an estimate, but the price will not be defeated with the Tata Nano," he told detikOto, at the Hotel Nikko, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/22/2010).

Thus, until now still continue developing Daihatsu. But clearly, with a targeted capacity of existing machines in the 1000 cc to bottom, the price of this car will be more affordable.

As disclosed Domestic Marketing Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor Elvina Afni. On different occasions he said the price was cheap car Daihatsu will not exceed USD 100 million.

"Because the target of the Ministry of Industry's there at USD 75-80 million," he said Elvina.

If it is true will be produced and marketed, this course will be a breath of fresh air for the Indonesian people who are longing for a car that was affordable but quality.

Previously, if the price of Tata Nano coming to Indonesia under the Ministry of Industry estimates would be around USD 45-50 million. Is F-Drafts can be in the range that

SPESIFIKASI Chevrolet Orlando

PT GM Autoworld Indonesia (gmai) has been programmed for Chevrolet Orlando at the Indonesian market. Apparently the model multi purpose vehicle (MPV) that enter the domestic market next year. Certainty is delivered Mukita Sutikno, Managing Director of PT gmai Chevrolet in the event Mid-Year Gathering in Bali, on Tuesday (22/06/2010).

"Now still waiting for price certainty. Plan to bring Orlando had 70 percent and we take away from South Korea," said Mukiat. He added, about the expected price is lower than the Captiva.

Novianto Hary, Manager Marketing gmai adds, Orlando will be positioned as a substitute for Zafira in the global market. But the biggest obstacle that must be considered is imor duty (import duty) from Korea which is quite high.

"If the Captiva from his Thai import duty is zero percent, when South Korea reached 45 percent for the MPV. So the price can not be determined," said Hary.

The presence of products with a capacity of seven passengers is expected to push sales of Chevrolet in the country. In addition to Orlando, the MPV project gmai continue to ripen with PM7 code, specifically in production in Indonesia.

Orlando is close to the production process became the mainstay GM globally. Concept first introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2008. For there are two engine choices, ie 1800 cc and 2000 cc and petrol and diesel.

In the global market, this Chevrolet MPV will be faced with VW Touran or Ford S-Max.

MODIFIKASI VW Golf GTI 1997 Mobil GTI Tercepat

When carpet Texas Mile last year was held, everyone was shocked and laughed, when I saw a black VW Golf GTI Mk3 and dull participated in the queue along with the Ford GT, Porsche 911, Toyota Supra, and Lamborghini Gallardo.

For most viewers, which they saw was an old VW is all black, even just in terms of aerodynamic questioned many people.

However, when the starting line has been abandoned, all disparaging ridicule is immediately stopped. After a few moments, the crowd erupted into wild applause.

Why? They watched Jeremy Freedman driver behind the wheel of the VW GTI GTI cars bloat others, and became the GTI the world's fastest speed of 208 mph through or 334 km per hour. Compare the latest GTI Mk VI which has a top speed of 238 km per hour.

Assembly in the country nowadays has become the world's largest automobile market began with the use of local components from the Golf GTI as much as 80 percent.

Despite claims of sales volume is not something that is important, but the Group expects VW, GTI will donate 10 percent of VW's sales in China. "Golf GTI is a car full of emotion with target young buyers," added Vahland.

Corrosion is rare on a Golf, the which Speaks volumes for Volkswagen's rustproofing methods and the quality of the steel it uses. A GTI with rust Should scream "badly repaired accident damage" at you. Steer well clear, as a bent chassis will of probably have the caused misaligned panels and subsequent corrosion.

Introduction of Golf GTI is the recognition of a local assembly has been planned long ago by a team of global VW. Therefore, in addition Golf GTI, China will also be a target of seven new models of Volkswagen this year.

The Golf has a strong reputation for reliability, but it still has A Few That areas need to be checked carefully. One is the manual gearbox in high-mileage cars. These cans have worn bearings, the which need expensive repairs if there's a lot of noise from the gearbox, get it checked.

With the Mk IV cars, Consider the premium you are paying and ask yourself whether a Used SEAT or Skoda, Volkswagen Group, the which share similar underpinnings, may be better value.

Jeremy's been crazy racing since childhood. And it was poor across the local street races. "I'm addicted to trying to speed, I want to be the fastest out there," he said, as reported by Eurotuner, Monday (06/21/2010).

He bought a VW GTI V6 output in 1997, after his father died. A GTI is considered to be perfect from New Mexico, which he brought home with a ride up in Texas.

Blood racing career makes him remodel his favorite GTI innards of the machine, starting from the cams, intake, chip up to the exhaust, to be encouraged on a regular basis at the Drag Strip at the weekend.

He also wanted to install superharger on the GTI, but changed his mind after finding out their side effects, until finally he chose to install the turbo kit alone.

Jeremy is also not only has a ten-year-old machine, but also maintain a five-speed manual transmission on his GTI.

The result, VW GTI Turbo 1997 Jeremy's 3.0-liter turbo-capacity has been kept behind the devastating power hood, which reaches 800 hp

SPESIFIKASI Honda Odyssey Eksklusif Sliding Door

If in Indonesia, PT Honda Prospect Motor launches new premium MPV Honda Odyssey with a conventional door opening, so now there are options Odyssey with a sliding door or sliding door.

As quoted by the official website of American Honda, Monday (06/21/2010) is referred to as the Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey Touring Elite.

Touring Elite is the appearance was almost similar to the concept car Honda Odyssey that had show off at Chicago Motor Show 2010.

Honda said the 2011 model year offers a more exclusive appearance and a new interior features, including a sliding door.

Elite Honda Odyssey Touring is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a capacity of three-mode variable cylinder management with fuel consumption in the urban streets of 1:8 to 1:11 for the road and out of town.

Roof has 1.6 inches lower than the current version makes it more streamlined, powerful, and more dynamic, especially with the increased aerodynamics.

Changes seen in the outer appearance of HID lamps, alloy rims 18 inch, ventilated brake disks, power side mirrors with indicator lights Sein, and the tailgate.

While the cabin space, Honda adds a navigation system, premium audio system with 12 speakers, which are connected with the Honda Satellite navigation systems, high-definition connectivity as well as split-screen display.

With this latest model of the Odyssey, Honda tried to redefine the concept minivan with aggressive and sporty stance contained in a single car.

Currently Odyssey is still the best-selling minivan in the United States, the plan, the Japanese manufacturer will begin selling the latest model of the Odyssey is starting this autumn.

SPESIFIKASI Mazda 6 Facelift

Mazda car market snap back in the homeland. This time with the Mazda6 variants with the newest faces. Thursday, June 24, 2010, the Mazda6 facelift ready to glide into the market.

Does anything change? although PT Mazda Motor Indonesia is not yet reveal details, yet sporty appearance with a typical performance
Mazda will remain on the Mazda6.

The model is called Atenza in Japan was first marketed in the country of his birth since January 2010 and then Japan. In its latest model, the Mazda6 has pinned the latest features.

Mazda6 engine room to make more environmentally friendly and be modified
high. In addition, with a capacity of 2000 cc engine has been equipped with Direct Injection technology MZR conditions.

So also with changes in the external display is shown with a front grille design with a five-point Mazda typical form of smiles, plus 17-inch wheel design and 18-inch is also fresher.

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia is also mentioned as a model Mazda6 Facelift elegant and stylish, and full of emotional attachment between the driver and the car has

MODIFIKASI Nissan Skyline r34

MODIFIKASI Nissan Skyline r34

For the umpteenth time displayed Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. But, this one is saying the most full-spec throughout Indonesia. This is not the claim of Mr X confidential owner who asked his name but a recognition of some home modification partner.

Want to know, the funds spent on promoting the appearance and strength of this two-door Nissan? The numbers, almost touching the Rp1 billion. "He (Mr. X) know true car modification. Everything is full HKS from the engine to other small things" from the garage Skytech Teddu said Semarang.

Of all the changes, the most radical replacement of the kitchen with a pacemaker RB26DETT RB28DET HKS. To get it, Mr.X had to wait three months. capital pocket that was not the least, about 300 millions.

Larger 200 cc capacity and its development base from Nismo N1 Block created to have a stronger structure and hold friction. Particularly R34 is also crammed with SPL TO4Z HKS turbo kit. Spec racing wear specially made titanium turbine blades, which provide benefits reduced turbo lag.

Dijabani any control airflow via an external wastegate HKS GT2 with cam V-Cam Pro torn to work on 5000 rpm spin. So as to inflate the energy in the run-down trosi.

Only until the engine alone. No, the body is replaced with artificial Nismo. Even the air dam in front of more than body kit Nismo Z-tune. Display, in addition to cool and aggressive, because the body is also lightweight CFRP material made of a mixture or a mixture of plastic and glass fibers, making cars lighter and stronger body. seting, bumper consists of front and rear and side skirts close to Rp50 million.

Because of the enormous mechanical power, Mr. X chose to use gearbox model box dog or dogs drive. Movement of each tooth when it was the road without pressing the clutch pedal (with engine speed that has been determined) due to wear baseball synchronize.

SPESIFIKASI Mobil Hidrogen Berbentuk Sepatu Roda hydrogen fuel cell


Most British people again fever or hydrogen fuel cell cars. Primarily for use in the city. Understandably, the major cities pollution worse. One city in the UK who also introduced the creation of hydrogen cars is the citizens of Leicester. Hydrogen cars are introduced fairly attractive, forms such as roller skates rollerskate.

This car is made by a company in town that specializes in designing and making environmentally friendly vehicles, namely Riversimpel. Although no detailed ruin dimensions sufficient, but the company is releasing its performance.

Cars can be carrying two people (including driver), can be traveling at a maximum speed of 80 km / hr. Once the hydrogen tank, it can be to travel as far as 360 km.

Body made of lightweight composite car that weights only 350 kg. With this addition, fuel consumption - equated with gasoline - which is 78 km / liter. No less interesting, from the engine exhaust gas that comes out is not carbon, but the water droplets. Best of energy used can be updated and have to worry about broke down world oil prices.

Ways in which Leicester City Council with automakers to attract people to use it, rent it for the first stage. Rent, £ 200 or USD 2.7 million per month. Gains derived by a tenant, yes ... the cost of a super-efficient fuel?

The first project between Leicester City Council and Riversimpel, will create 5,000 units hidrogen tiny car. Currently carrying out tests, especially the use in a residential area. Hopefully, this project has been able to run in 2012 in collaboration with the University of De Montfort University of Leicester and to determine the location of hydrogen filling stations.

Especially for the prototype was shown, made in the Silverstone circuit and was introduced on 10 June at the De Montfort Hall Leicester.

MODIFIKASI Jaguar E-Type Austin Power

Still remember a funny style of Austin Powers? British secret agent who likes to act silly when exterminate the criminals, proved to be entertaining the audience. Not to mention, the action character played by Mike Myers was always surrounded by beautiful women, and certainly a luxury car, the more the envy of the male audience.

You are also jealous? Do not worry, because there's Austin companion you can have from the film through the auction. Obviously, that was auctioned was not the beautiful woman who appeared in that movie! However, sports cars made by Jaguar E-Type 1970.

Jaguar cars are nicknamed "Shaguar" This used to be the companion of Austin in a variety of promotional events is the first film, titled "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" which was released earlier in the year 1997.

Another feature of this car lies not only from the historical side, it looks sector also got a touch of quirky a la Austin Powers. Look at the color-patterned body is the British flag, the Union Flag. Not to mention the red color on the canvas roof.

Uniquely, the British flag motif is also found on the seat of the car was a two-door cabriolet. For the engine, this car is still grafting machine with a capacity of 4200 cc original. E-Type Jaguar was auctioned on Ebay site with an opening price of USD 240 million, and has now reached USD 590 Million.

SPESIFIKASI MPV Chevy Orlando 2011

MPV variant of Chevrolet, the Orlando, is now getting closer to the production process. It is shown from the camera caught a new prototype.

Compared with the last appearance, it looks more sporty look. And sure Orlando will be a family car 7 seats.

Orlando concept was first introduced in the mat the Paris Motor Show 2008 last year, and Orlando appearance look more realistic this time to enter into mass production process.

Orlando appeared with a face that bongsor with a dynamic roofline. Front grille and front bumper is the typical GM car with a split grille and bow-tie badge.

Orlando is also equipped with a tire size of 16 inches, 17 inches, and 18 inches depending on demand brackish respective countries.

Based on the all-new compact sedan Cruze, Orlando comes with a combination of sport utility, family cans and wagons. Reflected through a clear line silhouette and conventional monocab. With larger fenders, body side trim, sporty character, handling and easy to drive clearly seen in Orlando.

Inside, the five-door design is sufficient to meet the needs of families who need large capacity of space. Seat theater chair models to accommodate the third row comfort of a modern MPV.

About 2.7 m wheelbase describe enough luggage capacity is quite large, roomy cabin space and makes it so fun. Using a power source, engine 2.0L turbo diesel. Capable of spitting out 150 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque reaching, yet fuel-efficient.Orlando is expected to be the key to GM's success in Europe starting next year.

Peered into the interior, this car with a sporty design interior design resembling a Corvette, which is a dual cockpit and the dominance of blue backlight lamp on the center console and speedometer.

This family car also has a design in the cabin like a theater so that passengers in the middle and rear cabin can clearly see the future.Orlando also has a cabin large enough if the second and third row seats folded.

This car is also suitable for families who will travel far out of town thanks to the entertainment features, namely a suitable USB port to recharge your phone or MP3 digital music player.

Orlando certainly be available in several engine variants, depending on the tastes in each country, the 1.8L gasoline engine capable of producing power and 141 hp 2.0L diesel engine that is able to produce their respective maximum power 131 hp (low output version) and 163 hp (high-output version).

This car will also be available in three different trim with standard features like electronic suspension control, six air-bags, air conditioning and power mirrors.

Orlando appearance that was not very 'boxy' was captured in Germany, as quoted by Worldcarfans, Monday (21/06/2010) where MPV Chevrolet will compete directly with VW Touran or Ford S-Max.

Europe has become one of the fastest growing markets for the Chevrolet brand. Hence, Orlando will be sold in Europe, also Asia, including Indonesia and Canada, but not in the United States market

SPESIFIKASI Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport price

the woman chooses Volkswagen Beetle as a dream car, what choice of men? Nothing but an expensive sports supercar Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

This result is according to a report quoted by the Robb Report, as quoted Drive On, USAToday, Monday (21/06/2010).

Father's Day or Father's Day on June 19 where the dream of choosing a car free father's dream, Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is the car selected.

Why Bugatti Veyron GS

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport has a top speed of 400 km per hour. This car can go up to the speed of 100 km per hour in just 2.7 seconds. That is what can be produced by measuring 1001 horsepower engine.

"Grand Sport gives tremendous performance, even making a pilot of NASA was appalled," wrote the Robb Report.

Grand Sport does not only become the most attractive cars on the market today, but also the best convertible car in the world.

Now the father is ready to dream of driving a car worth Rp 15 billion this


Suzuki sales weakened in recent years make the management needs to make new breakthroughs. Suzuki was secretly preparing a new product to compete with the current best-selling products, namely Avanza-Xenia.

Yoshiji Terada, President Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Motor (SIM), said there were plans to launch multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) new. "The price we wanted under the USD 150 million per unit. It could compete with existing," he said in Jakarta last weekend.

Reportedly the model will use the platform from the Suzuki Concept R3 which was first exhibited in India, earlier this year. When asked about this, Terada did not give a definite answer and just nodded.

The plan, this prototype will go to Indonesia for the first time and exhibited at the International Indonesia Motor Show 2010, the end of July.

100 million U.S. dollars
For the realization of this product, go Terada, investment is needed at least 100 million U.S. dollars. Currently planning is still done in Japan and there has been no final decision.

If the project is finished scrolling, SIM plans to expand the capacity of its factory in Tambun, Bekasi, are currently only 100,000 units per year will be doubled, 200,000 units per year.

"The funding of 100 million U.S. dollars was only for the preparation of products, not including additional production capacity. If that's for sure, the investment will grow again," says Terada.

This year, Suzuki will be able to penetrate the target sales of 70,000 units. While the 2011 figure is expected to touch the maximum production capacity of 100,000 units.

"There are two options. If additional production capacity to be done, first had to build new factories or assembly facility moved motorcycles. All of it is still possible and not break. Depending principals instruction later,"  


In Malaysia, some have been modified Cefiro drift style and appearance to be converted to a Nissan Skyline R32, so practically Skyfiro usual, "explains Johan Fardjito, owner of a 1992 Nissan Cefiro has undergone facial surgery Skyline R32. State advances in the drifting community neighbor, making Johan interested to build a drift spec car. After consulting with his friends, Nissan Cefiro was chosen because it is considered to be at least sip a guinea pig. "Caves select Cefiro fairly cheap because its price and body fit to convert so Skyline R32," he added. Johan went to the good fortune when he saw the Nissan Cefiro piled on the sidewalk near his home. "Caves are interested because bodY still good condition, only machines which have been spend age," he said. Not much talking, Johan borer immediately redeem the car and immediately taken to the home modification Das Auto, the number Artery Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. But apparently, the intention to convert similar Skyline R32 has been prepared by him mature. Half-cut set of components Skyline R32 has been obtained before Johan even get his car. "Though my father initially had agreed to build Cefiro baseball, but after he saw Skyline R32 half cut, I think he changed his mind," joked Johan. Incidentally, a friend of Johan provide half cut Skyline R32 stock imported directly from Malaysia. Fun again, the conversion process is not too difficult. "Just simply make a new bracket on the body just to fit the muzzle Cefiro R32 Skyline, once installed it is longer than the original face Cefiro," says Limkokwing University students this. While at the stern, Johan only use lights and rear bumper Skyline R32 GTR for later body knitted in Cefiro. "It takes a little adjustment on the bracket to be mounted lamp is perfect, baseball hard," he added. In order appear Skyline R32 more and more like the original, then the entire body of this Skyfiro painted Arctic White paint from DuPont. Since the purchase in the condition of the half cut, engine and brakes had been built package of the Nissan Skyline R32. Again the process of entering into the engine RB20DET Cefiro machine room shall mean not having constraints. There was no change at all, even though on its mounting. This is because the standard engine which is coded RB20E Cefiro has a construction similar to the engine RB20DET Nissan Skyline R32 GTS default-t. "The difference is only a baseball machine disposable Cefiro turbo back and still single (SOHC)," said Johan. In addition, to support Johan hobby to play drift later, congenital Skyline R32 manual gearbox feels better than innate Cefiro sip that uses automatic. To maximize machine performance, Johan just add artificial Mine's intercooler. "It was a direct influence to baseball's engine performance, but did cave ready make more big turbo instead of later," lid Johan. Eis, I think going to be more exciting again.

SPESIFIKASI maruti Suzuki Kizashi

SPESIFIKASI Suzuki Kizashi



Indonesian International Motor Show event certainly will not pass up by PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales. Then if the Japanese manufacturers will be displaying their new models?

After a couple of Suzuki models launched into the Indonesian market, such as Splash and SX4 facelift, following a GT3 Special Edition Swift, still had left several more models.

Reportedly there are two possible models will be marketed in Indonesia. Moreover, if not the sedan that had been waiting, and variants of the Suzuki Kizashi Suzuki rIII MPV.

However, in response to that possibility, marketing director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales, Endro Nugroho still mum about the plan.

"Yes indeed the two models could be a mainstay Suzuki, yes just wait, if it received the invitation, then we display in IIMS," he said in JIEXpo Kemayoran Jakarta, Friday, (06/18/2010)

As we know, Suzuki's flagship sedan Suzuki Kisazhi is currently in the global market, to capitalize petrol engine 2.4-liter, four cylinder, capable of generating power and torque to 178 hp and 230 nm.

Counterparts are going to support six-speed manual transmission, and CVT automatic as optional features, making Kisazhi as a sporty and compact sedan from Suzuki.

While Suzuki rIII an MPV variant of Suzuki's concept, with the advantages of opening the door like a cupboard, and without using the B pillar on the middle body.

Suzuki rIII had carpet on display in Delhi Auto Show in India. The plan would be supported by two choices of engine, 1200 cc and 1400 cc with the level of economical fuel consumption





Manufacturer of sports cars, Porsche made a breakthrough with their latest plan to get the car Porsche 918 Spyder. Amazingly, though not yet certain, already 1000 people queuing up to get the car ready for the new.

Reportedly Porsche cars will be released at an exotic car show in Pebble Beach Concours in California that will be visited by the millionaires from around the world.

And unlike other Porsches, the Porsche 918 Spyder reportedly will carry the concept of environmentally friendly hybrid systems with applications in the kitchen spur.

The Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid will combine a powerful 500 hp V8 engine with two electric motors. The result of this integration will increase the power these cars and yield strength of up to 718 hp.

Porsche parties not denied any such thing. Porsche boss Michael Macht even admitted preparing the momentum for this Porsche new car.

"No one in the Porsche 918 not want to build. The response has been incredible," he said, as quoted from the Autocar detikOto,