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for Nissan Teana 200XE tested

I thought I had resigned myself to just judging some cars for a highly notable publication's "Car of the Year (COTY) 2011 Awards" and not writing much reviews about them. Humbly, I do admit my lack of energy in penning a few paragraphs and to followers (if any few left) of my blog, my sincere apologies. Largely due to my clinical plus other domestic commitments et al. Also the Nissan Teana in 4-pot, 2.0-litre form that I sampled more than a few weekends ago didn't seem to excite my senses very much.

Imagine my awakening today when I stumbled upon my friend's blog - a hugely popular one - which featured the MMC (minimal model change) - that's facelift to you and me - new Honda Accord. I am not here to criticise the mid-cycle refreshed Honda. After all, I was quite a Honda fan owning the last-generation 2.0 Accord for a brief spell.

Well, let's just say that I am re-energised to share with you my brief flirtation with the latest D-segment offering from Nissan in Malaysia, after reading the post by another esteemed "colleague" on the new Accord.

 Looks-wise, this Nissan has on-road presence, even while Honda still holds the measuring-tape champion title to being the longest, largest, widest etc in this sub-RM180K category which encompasses the Sinatra (Oops! Sonata I meant), the Camry, Mazda6 and of course the MMC (Mitsu Motor Corp?) Accord.

In a nutshell the new Teana is huge, soft-riding, comfy and looks the part of a towkay (big-boss) saloon. With its CVT drivetrain, it may be a bit disconcerting when you roll fast into corner but what the's a comfort-biased executive sedan not a BMW 5-series. The way I look at it, it's for fans of Camry's soft plush damping who don't want a Toyota and couldn't stand Accord's harder riding suspension settings. And a Mazda won't cut it because they don't want a brand that makes the world's sole rotary-powered sportscar.

Despite its bulk and size, the Teana's brakes are good and reassuring. Its interior looks and feel Infiniti-esque, though I suspect the V6s versions with more cow-leather plastered interiors and some steering control button/switches splattering would make this executive sedan feel decidedly more upmarket. It's so silent on the move that it makes you wonder whether there are low-pressure-near-vacuum-stretches on highway - almost devoid of wind noise - when you are doing, say 160 km/h.

So there you have it, another popular D-segment sedan for you to consider in Malaysia, apart from the perennial favourites of Camrys or Accords. Oh by the way, has Honda Malaysia solved the Accords (and likely Civics) brake judder issues due to premature-warping of front rotors? I hope these huge Nissans don't have such quality issues, not when it comes to brakes.
Admittedly, the Teana could do better with its instruments detailing though, because this isn't a Sunny, Latio or Sylphy for that matter. The rear end detailing, however - no need to buy Eagle-Eyes brand Taiwan-made aftermarket LED rear lights - is great though. In my strictly personal and humble opinion, the clean-design execution by Nissan here even leaves the new Mercedes-Benz W212 E-class' arse for dead. You can't win (or have) 'em all I suppose.

the Lifestyle focus: Peugeot 308 CC

Many of us in the tropics and especially the equatorial hot-and-humid climate will shrug off the usability and practicality of a cabriolet - even with the advent of hardtop coupe-cabriolet in the last decade or so.

Admittedly, I was like that until I sampled a VW Eos over a weekend to the beach town of Port Dickson some three years ago. I had actually "owned" a Porsche Boxster for about a year and it was less convincing with its relatively fiddly and noisier soft-top.

Sadly, with excessive procrastination the VW Eos outing write-up didn't materialise on this blog. Which would have happened to the 308 CC launch story if some good friend of mine didn't whip my butt over this. I also tested the 207 CC sometime ago and you can read all about it here.
I am somewhat a fan of coupe-cabriolet but i am of the opinion that this will have top be your 3rd car or higher in vehicle ownership serials which is actually much an extravagance. In short, a pure lifestyle accessory in the automotive department.

With this in mind, Nasim started off their 2011 new models unveiling with the official launch of the Peugeot 308 CC, the first of four new models due for the Malaysian market this year.
A coupe-cabriolet in 2+2 guise, this topless Pug in THP 156 form, translates to a maximum output of 156 hp + 240 Nm, courtesy of BMW-Peugeot's Prince 1.6-litre complete with twin-scroll turbo and direct injection. The 308 CC comes with a standard six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic. Peugeot claims a 212 km/h top speed and a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 9.8 secs.
As with most Naza/Nasim automotive launches – the 308 CC is tagged at a rather attractive price i.e. RM186,888, on-the-road with insurance.
Some of the yummy goodies packaged together are the dynamic directional xenon headlamps with automatic height adjustment and washers, LED rear lights, 18-inch alloy wheels and a twin rear diffuser as part of the exterior parcel.

The interior of this gorgeous drop-top features dual zone air-conditioning, electric front seats (with memory settings for the driver's), cruise control, instrument dials with white backgrounds and a retractable high resolution 7-inch 16:9 LCD screen.
Safety kits which are standard include ESP, ABS, EBD, EBA, DSC and Anti-Skid Regulation (ASR) among others. Meanwhile, passive safety kit in the 5-Star Euro NCAP-rated vehicle includes a rear roll-over protection system – comprised of active extendable aluminum roll-over protection bars that pop up within 20-miliseconds in the event of a roll-over accident. Apart from these, there are six airbags, which include the world’s first side head airbags, housed in the seat and deployed laterally from the head restraint.
For in-car entertainment, there’s a CD player/MP3 head unit with Bluetooth connectivity, JBL Hi-Fi audio system with 10 speakers and a 240 watt amplifier. As for the two-piece electrically retractable hard-top roof, this one folds up and down within 20 seconds. For the occasional or avid golfer looking forward to driving to a Golf & Country Club, boot space volume is 465 litres with the top up, and 266 litres with the roof retracted and stowed away in boot.


Tested: Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 2011

Some cars have tendencies to look fast even when standing still. They can also set your pulse racing just by staring at them through your slightly dilated pupils. A result of simply being awed, just like a primary school kid lost in a mega toy store. A Lamborghini is one of those sportscar - especially in the louder shades of orange, yellow or green. Think of the Miura, Countach and Diablo from the yesteryears. Imagine the latest Murcielago and you will get an inkling of the fascinating sportscars heritage of Lamborghini.
Back in 1963, Ferrucio Lamborghini actually established his very own breakaway brand after leaving the folds of Ferrari. Since then, Automobili Lamborghini has taken a more passionate and ever sporting stance, as we were told at the Shanghai International Circuit recently. One of the offspring of the luxury automotive ‘cult’ from Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy that professes fascinating design, technological capability and supreme driving dynamics is the Lamborghini Gallardo.

On that exciting morning, a combination of cold, misty and rainy weather resulted in a wet track. Along with the high-powered V10 driving just the rear axle, we had fun in the Lamborghini Gallardos the way the friendly guys from Automobili Lamborghini intended it to be. The track day event saw some 50 members of the media from nine countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Australia get behind the wheel and experience the raging bull that is the LP550-2.

In Lamborghini speak, LP is ‘sexy’ Italian lingo for Longitudinale Posteriore, i.e. mid-mounted engine sitting longitudinally just in front of the rear axle. While the numerical ‘550’ refers to the power output in hp and the suffix ‘2’ means two-wheel drive, in this case both the rear wheels. A look at the cars we have lined up for us to sample beggars the belief that the Gallardo model has been around since 2003, yet still looking sharp, very sporty and refreshingly sleek after some mild bodywork restyling (Reventon-style front air-intakes) in 2008.

Lead by Lamborghini drive instructors, we were allowed three laps to test the car hard and fast around the rather slippery circuit. Prior to this, we were given a demo lap around the track. Although the solo sessions were seemingly brief with the LP550-2, it cannot be denied that this Lamborghini is a very involving super sportscar. On the Shanghai International Circuit, the glorious and sonorous howl of its 5.2-litre V10 rumbled menacingly down the main straight. So much so it sounded intimidating to us as spectators who were waiting for our turn to drive at the paddock section. Getting into the driver’s seat of the LP550-2 offered a different perspective altogether.
After flooring the throttle on the straight, a quick succession of hard braking and downshifts is executed to negotiate the right-handed turn 1. Repeated rituals were obligatory for turn 2 and so forth on the circuit. Getting impatient with the throttle while going out of a bend with an off-cambered gradient, we easily got the rear stepping out.
We learnt that it pays to be especially smooth and easy on the throttle as well as the steering of the LP550-2 in order to gain pace as we made progress around the track.
The e-gear of the Gallardo handled downshifts brilliantly despite being a manu-matic single-clutch set up. We were doing upshifts as well – manually via the steering paddle shifters - without ever lifting off the throttle just like our professional instructor did. In no manner did the transmission protested. Brilliant. The interior looked and felt decidedly upmarket, yet snug and conducive for hard driving. Alas, if only we have more than the 3 laps accorded to be able to connect deeper to this purer rear-wheel drive version of the Gallardo range. It is also heartening to note that the LP550-2 has as standard equipment, a rear axle differential - with a locking effect of up to 45 percent limited slip - that ensures better transition of torque between both rear wheels.

The purity conveyed by its steering – unclouded by engine power driving the front axle - serves to synergise with the chassis balance that is just simply brilliant. Body control was taut mostly with nary a hint of pitching or body roll despite the constant load changes as we gunned the LP550-2 around the circuit. However, it certainly requires a higher level of skill, as well as more commitment to return the driving satisfaction that you may be looking for. But yet there is no tantrums, it is much forgiving with traction control (which can be switched off in CORSA mode), limited slip differential and vehicle stability systems (ESP et al) lurking in the background. In essence, the sports coupe exudes a competence that inspires you to try driving harder – with more speed and finesse. To sum it up, this more ‘basic’ Gallardo presented us with an eye-opening track experience. It demonstrated that less could indeed be more in those looking for undiluted dynamics of having 550 naturally-aspirated horses – and 540 Nm - all to the rear wheels of an undyingly passionate Italian masterpiece.


the Mitsubishi Lancer vs Proton Inspira

The images below have ended up in my mailbox recently.
Enjoy them in a lighter vein...thanks and regards to fellow blogger Damien!


207 Peugeot 207 Sedan Extreme Test

Peugeot via Nasim has done a promo footage for its new 207 sedan for the Malaysian market.
You will probably never see it being driven this hard on private and public roads in the near- or enjoy the video clips below!

First look of the Peugeot 207 in action!

For more information, please visit

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the Hyundai's first full-EV: 'BLUEON'

  Hyundai Motor Co. today unveiled the company’s and Korea’s - first Full Speed Electric Vehicle (FSEV) named ‘BlueOn,’ opening a new era in eco-friendly technology. We are proud to introduce the world to BlueOn, which was fully developed in Korea and displays Hyundai’s latest technological advancements,” said Dr. Hyun-Soon Lee, Vice Chairman at Hyundai’s Corporate R&D Center. “Consumers’ interests and demand for eco-friendly cars are rising and securing such advanced technology is critical in becoming an industry leader. Hyundai is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and satisfying market needs.” 
Hyundai unveiled the car at the Blue House yesterday, in the presence of Korean President Lee Myung-Bak and Ministers from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Ministry of Environment. During the unveiling ceremony, President Lee and Hyundai’s Vice Chairman Lee test-drove one of the new vehicles together on the Blue House premises. 

Test Fleets 

Hyundai invested a total of about 40 billion won over a one-year period to create BlueOn, which is based on Hyundai’s small hatchback, i10. The electric version of i10 was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. 
Beginning with today’s ceremony, Hyundai is planning to provide 30 BlueOn vehicles as test fleets to various government organizations in Korea by October. These vehicles will be mainly used to help develop and test charging infrastructures for about two years, until August 2012. Furthermore, these cars will be used for promotional purposes, starting with the upcoming G20 summit, to boost Korea’s eco-friendly image. 
The name ‘BlueOn’ derives from Hyundai’s Blue Drive strategy, which encompasses the company’s eco-friendly products and technologies. The word ‘On’ symbolizes “switch on.” 

Innovative LiPoly Batteries, Virtual Sound

BlueOn has a compact body with an overall length of 3,585 mm, overall width of 1,595 mm and overall height of 1,540 mm. It is equipped with a highly efficient electric motor powered by an innovative 16.4 kWh LiPoly (lithium-ion polymer) battery technology that offers numerous advantages over other battery types. BlueOn boasts a maximum power of 81ps(61kW) and maximum torque of 21.4kg/m(210Nm).
As pure electric vehicles operate only with the battery and electric motor, the battery’s lifespan and storage capacity determines the vehicle’s performance. Hyundai chose LiPoly batteries because compared with previous nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH), LiPoly delivers the same power with 30 percent less weight and 40 percent less volume, boosting efficiency and leaving more interior space for passengers.
Furthermore, the car has been designed to prevent overcharging and collision-related safety issues. Hyundai also conducted hundreds of thousands of kilometers’ worth of endurance testing to secure safety. BlueOn boasts a maximum speed of 130km/h and 0-100 km/h is achieved in 13.1 seconds, better than some gasoline models in the same class.
BlueOn also features a Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS), which creates an artificial sound for the safety of pedestrians, as electric vehicles make little to no sound when driving at low speeds.

BlueOn can travel as much as 140 km on a single charge. It also accommodates dual recharging methods: a 220V household power and a 380V industrial-strength power, which promises quick recharging speeds. Under the household power, the battery will be fully recharged within six hours. Under the quick charge method, the battery can be recharged to about 80 percent of its capacity within 25 minutes. Hyundai will collaborate with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and other government agencies to build recharging facilities.
In addition, the engine-driven components were electrified so that the electric motor-driven power steering, electric water pump and regenerative brake system could be adapted to BlueOn. Furthermore, for the driver’s convenience, an advanced telematics system showing the charge status and location of recharging stations is installed. A 4.2-inch TFT LCD Supervision Cluster that provides voice guidance has also been installed.
Hyundai plans to expand its manufacturing capabilities for BlueOn next year, carrying out test productions and making about 2,500 units by the end of 2012.


Recently launched CrossPolo Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer yesterday that displays photos newest product candidates to market in 2011, the VW Lupo. The concept has been shown in 2007 and this figure quoted by the reporter from German magazine Auto Bild.

This hatchback vehicles marketed in the summer of next year. The price is 8500 euros (over USD 100 million) for the lowest variance.

Lupo designed two-door has a length of 3.45 meters. This size of VW's desire for a small car model. When marketed later, consumers have several choices of fuel-efficient engines.

The German manufacturer offers this car in gasoline and diesel options. In the type of gasoline engine there are several engine options, namely 1,000 cc, 1200 cc TSI, as well as 1200 cc TDI. Workers who sprayed reaches 60-85 horsepower with a torque of 110-180 Newton Meters (Nm).

While this type diesel engine, offered only one variant is 1200 cc TDI-powered 75 horsepower. Indeed there has been no official information Happenings price. But sources at the manufacturer that gives ancar lowest-ancar variant of the car is available in two and four-door model with a length of 3.45 meters that will be priced 8500 euros or about USD 96.6 million.

VW also claims a small car that would besutannya fuel efficient and low emissions. Lupo consumes only 4.2 liters of fuel to travel 100 kilometers (km). The type of gasoline engine emission levels expected below 100 grams per camp and diesel engines of 80 grams per km.

Cabin also looks very modern with the placement of a minimalist four seats plus two monitors in dashboard as well as a multimedia system that can be used to identify and control any features in this car.There are two options, first with a 1000cc 65 hp power and other options are the 1200 cc engine common-rail diesel with an output of 75 hp.

This diesel engine will use technology to reduce emissions of CO2 Bluemotion, supposedly able to penetrate the numbers below 80 grams per km.

In addition to its launch plan for next year, in 2012 Lupo also scheduled to be produced in five-door versions. Special five-door version with the ability to carry more passengers, the engine power was increased. Although still going to stick with 1000cc petrol engine but the output reached 85 with a doping hp turbocharged and direct injection.

Kitchen first runway capacity 1.0 L 3 cylinder with a power 60 dk first introduced after 1.0 L TFSI four-cylinder-powered 85 dk. In addition, also Lupo 1.2 TDI diesel engine equipped with a power 75 dk.

VW Lupo not only prepare a two door, four door versions also exist. Lupo annually targeted 600,000 units sold.

There are still other VW program. They also have plans to introduce E-Up in 2013. This electric-powered concept car is displayed at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2009 event

SPESIFIKASI Renault clio megane

India is one of the world's largest car market. No wonder, such as Volkswagen jorjoran dare to invest hundreds of million U.S. dollars. By contrast the same Renault tend to be careful in exploring the market in the State Suri.

Renault-party states, the hardest task is to build a marketing network across India. Because, after 'breaking' partnership with Mahindra, made the French car manufacturer has no dealerships.

"The first point that must be addressed is the development of the network. But, we also got a warm welcome from the association of dealers in India. It's a good thing," said Marc Nassif, General Manager of Renault India, as reported by (06/14/2010).

As a preliminary step, the target Renault owns 70 dealerships in 2013 and upcoming 2014. Before that, the new sedan fluence launched next year. Continued, at the end of the year with a sports utility vehicle Kaleos.

Both products will be imported are broken down (completely knocked down / CKD) and assembled in the factory Renault-Nissan Oragadam outside Chennai city. For the selling price, expected something like that offered in Europe of U.S. $ 25,850 (Rp237, 4 million) and U.S. $ 34,465 (Rp316, 5 million).

Aside from the two models, Renault Dacia will also market the duster, Clio, and a new hatchback platform as the Nissan MICRA collaboration products. The goal, every year, the company will release a new model and build the market potential in India.


 in their home country is not a new Audi R8, articles have appeared since 2006. The model is made in various versions. One of them belongs to R8 2.4 FSI quattro Terminal Motor (TM), an IU in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. However, the R8 is still worth shelled again, especially the fallen who returns after appearing in a number of popular movie titles.

R8 is designed, developed and manufactured exclusively by Audi AG. At the 2005 Audi announced the names of successful racing car (R8), as a highway car that could be used in 2007. Base of the Audi Le Mans quattro concept car.

Version highway officially introduced at the Paris Auto Show 2006. Quite puzzling, because his name the same as the R8 Le Mans Prototype racing champion several times Le Mans 24 hour endurance. But the Audi R8 sports car first so that applying the engine in the middle.

Placement of the engine behind the cockpit, giving the benefit in driving dynamics, with the weight distribution 44% front and 55% in the rear.

Front shape, R8 implement single frame grille. On the left and right side air intake plus a large dimension, in the top row LED light.

From the side there is the element silver look behind the door. Called 'sideblade' function as air vents. The color can be ordered customized with contrasting body color.

Tires, like most car design that uses the middle or rear of the machine, use the palm of the width of the rear wheels. Standard 18-inch rims, but that many are sold into the market, as in this TM, it measured 19 inches.

Equipped with 2400 cc V8 engine and the use of Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI), 420 dk maximum power and maximum torque 430 Nm. Top speednya reach 310 km / h and acceleration from 0-100 km / h 4.6 detik.Sosoknya taken within a cool, make the R8 won the title of the best car. Since launched in 2007, R8 appeared in several movies and TV shows. Call it Iron Man 2 movie. Transformers 2, Dirty Sexy Money, CSI: Miami, Chuck, 17 Again and Date Night.

R8 is sold to the world market is only 5000 units and then attract the attention of any sports car fanatic, automotive photographers and journalists around the world. Strong accent on the back that looks like a sprinter ready bertotot run.

Actor Robert Downey Jr.. Iron Man actor go drool. But the model used R8 Spyder V10 05.02 aka no roof, 5200 cc engine and the engine cover closed. While in the film Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, R8 Sideways robot incarnation on earth.

Which is still running in theaters movie Date Night. We chase, a couple played by Steve Carell and Tina Fey, using R8. That said, the scene was to cost between 1-2 million U.S. dollars (USD 9-18 billion more). Car costing about USD $ 4 billion more (in Jakarta) was destroyed and had collided with a Ford Crown Victoria taxi.

Hmm .. not surprising that the R8 is still warm discussed. "In addition, futuristic style, the engine is good, price is also affordable when compared to Lamborghini and Ferrari," Benny Susilo reason, the manager brings TM Audi R8 2.4 FSI quattro


Suzuki unveiled the third generation Suzuki Swift hatchback. This model is available in three and five door versions. This new generation grows bigger than the present generation, be it length, height and width. Suzuki stressed, however, new car is lighter than before because the use of a very strong lightweight steel body construction.

Suzuki will replace the current engine used 1.3liter 1.2liter engine that is equipped with Dual VVT technology. Although smaller, this new engine was more powerful than 1.3-liter engine. 1.2-liter engine can produce 95hp and 87lb-ft of torque. This engine is also more efficient than the present.

Suzuki also prepared 1.3-liter diesel engine, which will be introduced early next year. Engine offers fuel efficiency that is very impressive


BMW to recall and stop selling Series 1 because there is a problem on the seat-belt tensioner. According to Consumer Reports, BMW stop selling and recall the Series 1 Coupe and Convertible model years 2008 to 2011. This recall is due to estrangement between the material and isulator and seat belt tensioner is too narrow. If an accident, seat belt can shift isulator material and can cause a fire.

BMW Indonesia BMW Advanced Diesel technology applied by the BMW X1. Ramesh said that as many as 28 units of the BMW X1 sDrive20d been handed over to owners in July last. An initial model of diesel is higher than the delivery of the BMW X1 sDrive18i gasoline, amounting to 15 units in the same month.

Ramesh said the numbers show that the BMW Advanced Diesel has been appreciated by the urban consumer. Mentioned also now leads BMW Sport Activity Vehicle segment of the premium in Indonesia. Until last July, BMW Indonesia has sold 161 units of model X, which consists of the X1, X3, X5 and X6.

BMW X1 sDrive20d capable of producing 177 hp at 4.000 rpm rpm and maximum torque of 350 Nm from 1.750 rpm to 3.000 rpm. Kitchen spur this car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 8.3 seconds, maximum speed in 205 km / h, an efficient fuel consumption is 1 liter versus 16 km and CO2 levels at 160 g / km.

At the front end of the chassis also serves as a place to prop up the front suspension and steering. Then on the back cast aluminum box used as a place of electric motor and single-speed transmission that will drive the rear wheels.

BMW also plans to provide various versions of MCV with the 1.0 liter two-cylinder engine. Car batteries will be placed under the cabin floor. It aims to help distribute weight while maintaining center of gravity is more secure.

MCV did not use the B pillar like cars in general, but will be replaced with hinged rear door, similar to a car RX 8.

For the price, BMW Indonesia Price Rp 688 million for the BMW X1 sDrive20d and Rp 598 million for the BMW X1 sDrive18i that use gasoline engines. Both the numbers off the road in Jakarta.

To fix this, the BMW dealer will cut the material that surrounds the seatbelt tensioner. BMW did not disclose how long the sale will be discontinued. However, due to the fact that BMW already has a solution for this case, termination of the sale of a Series will not seem long

SPESIFIKASI Daihatsu daewoo suzuki

The biggest automotive exhibition, the International Indonesia Motor Show 2010, will be used by PT Astra Daihatsu Motor to bring vehicles with cheap car concept. Remarkably again, Indonesia was elected to become the first country that will showcase the vehicle.

"His name has not been determined and is still concepts. This product will be a forerunner to cheap car based program of the Government of Indonesia," said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of ADM, Monday (14/06/2010) in Jakarta.

The vehicle according to Amelia was the answer from the Government of Indonesia to visit Daihatsu in Japan. In return, Daihatsu wanted to show its commitment in supporting the program, initiated by the Indonesian Government.

"The car is unique, can make transport people and goods. Machinery yet to be determined. We wanted to under 1.000cc and the price can be below Rp 100 million," said Amelia.

Realization of this car is still awaiting regulatory center of simmering in the Ministry of Finance.

Apart from the concept car, Daihatsu will also bring environmentally friendly products e: S. He first exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 event.

Both cars will be the belle of Daihatsu in addition to products that already exist in the market, such as Xenia, Gran Max, Luxio, and the Sirion.

SPESIFIKASI 535i Gran Turismo

Indonesia secretly BMW 535i product launch to a limited circle of Gran Turismo. In fact, the media were not invited, and only sent a release. As they explained, cars will be displayed to the public on July 23 during the upcoming performances Indonesia International Motor Show in 2010.

Nevertheless, BMW has announced the selling price of this car, ie USD 1.398 billion, off-the-road to Jakarta and surrounding areas. Now, if added tax, this car price not less than USD 1.5 billion.

According to the explanation, this car has introduced a limited basis late last week. On that occasion also announced the appointment of Dian M Muljadi, publisher of Elle magazine, as an ambassador for BMW Gran Turismo in Indonesia.

As the output of other BMW, BMW Gran Turismo already equipped BMW Efficient Dynamics technologies are being developed to improve the performance of the car, but with an efficient fuel consumption and low emissions.

The design is beautiful and elegant with elongated roofline and a sleek coupe-style vehicle is equipped with a window without a frame and two tailgate. The interior is spacious and luxurious comfort and classy atmosphere for passengers.

Exceptional comfort of the BMW Gran Turismo easy it is supported from the passengers to get into the car, sitting position is slightly taller, wider window, panoramic glass roof and a choice of high-quality interior materials in working with a perfect finish.

As the name implies, the BMW Gran Turismo is the ideal car for the trip unforgettable. Luxurious atmosphere in them could make the driver and passengers feel pleasure like in their private homes.

In the interior, the BMW Gran Turismo has a spacious leg room in the back of the BMW 7 Series is similar to the standard version. Meanwhile, the head of the airy space similar to the BMW X5. Extensive entertainment system is also presented for the passenger car.

Gran Turismo BMW 535i six-cylinder gasoline engine equipped first TwinPowerTurbo, High Precision Injection and Valvetronic. Maximum power that can produce reaches 306 hp at 5800 rpm rotation with a maximum torque of 400 Nm from 1200 rpm to 5000 rpm.

8 speed automatic transmission is supported, this car is capable of reaching speeds of 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds with fuel consumption average of 8.9 liter/100 km. This engine meets EU emissions standards 5.

Spacious leg room in the back of the BMW 7 Series is similar to the standard version, is an airy space of the head similar to the BMW X5. Moreover, extensive entertainment system is also presented for the passenger car.

Variant into Indonesia is a BMW 535i equipped with Gran Turismo 3000 cc petrol engine six-cylinder TwinPowerTurbo, High Precision Injection and Valvetronic.

Maximum power that can produce this car reached lap 306 hp at 5800 rpm with maximum torque of 400 Nm from 1200 rpm to 5000 rpm.

Gran Turismo by BMW is a combination of equivalent kupe, luxurious interiors of the Series-7, and the value of such functional or BMW5 X5 SUV Touring Series.

Although there are several options, the BMW 535i offers a Gran Turismo with the 3.0-liter gasoline engine, six cylinder, twin-turbo, injection, and valvetronic. With these technologies, machines capable of generating power up to 306 rpm PS@5.800.

Very interesting characteristic of this machine is the maximum torque reached 400 rpm Nm@1.200-5.000 (flat torque). These characteristics make the car fun to relaxed way, including when stuck in traffic or be accelerated or because it can be obtained from low speed to high.

8 speed automatic transmission, BMW claims that this car can sprint 0-100 km / h in 6.3 seconds. Meanwhile, fuel consumption average of 11 km / liter. They also added, EU5 emissions standards already achieved. For gasoline, BMW requested that the lowest value Roktan 1991.

For information, BMW will market two versions of Gran Turismo with the interior. First, the Executive for four seats. Secondly, the SE of five passengers (including driver). However, for Indonesia, which will be marketed is a five-passenger versions.

Innovative features visible on the rear door with two openings in accordance with the size of the object that is inserted into the trunk. So, if there are items that can be inserted without the need to open the back door, then simply open the glass door.

SPESIFIKASI mitsubishi Lancer Evo XI

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. makes a radical diversion from their initial plans. As rumored, they will produce reliable sedan, the Lancer Evolution XI, with the concept of plug-in hybrid. However, principals are now more emphasis in more recent technologies, the diesel hybrid. Considerations related to emissions regulations demand.

As we know, Mitsubishi sufficient incentive to develop environmentally friendly technology. Before announcing this new project, they first have worked on a hybrid system with a gasoline engine for the Evo. However, the special project is terminated. They assess the outlook is less good than diesel.

Now, Mitsubishi's engineers are working on diesel-electric hybrid technology system. That said, the noise sounds are in the lowest level compared to the character of the existing diesel.

Mitsubishi plan would be transplanting the drive hybrid system on AWD Evo. "This system can transmit power by 63 hp from an electric motor through the front wheels only, while the power is 320 hp turbocharged four-cylinder will drive the rear wheels," writes the site.

And when the work simultaneously, the electric motor and conventional meisn is capable of producing 350 horsepower is enough to make acceleration 0-100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds. "This time is approximately four tenths faster than ordinary cars," said Motorauthority.

The use of an electric motor that can also move the Evo for short distances. And electric motors can also help acceleration at low meisn round. The system was also used on the Lexus GS and LS.

This car was also equipped with the Mitsubishi Evo-style handling S-AWC control system and drive mode that automatically change according to driving style riders.

With all the advanced features which is in the body, Lancer Evo XI is reportedly to reduce their exhaust emissions up to 140 mpg.

In addition to electric motors, Mitsubishi is also said to provide two additional high technology that is active steering and roll control suspension. Both of these features are intended to make the Evo more firmly flat on the asphalt and more nimble.

There has been no official statement from the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) with respect to this hybrid Evo. But the generation Evo XI scheduled to begin production in 2013.

Not only that, their performance was incredible. As mentioned, this hybrid diesel engine makes the car able to accelerate from 0-96 km / h in under five seconds. However, they did not mention the engine capacity and energy. In addition, CO2 emissions below 200 g / km.

Just like the cars now, all four wheels Evo-Hybrid Diesel is driven by the S-AWC, or Super All Wheel Control. It's kind of all-wheel drive system and has been applied in other Mitsubishi products, Outlander.

Not impossible, if this project goes smoothly, the next-generation Lancer Evo (XI) became the first sports sedans that use hybrid diesel technology


When Indonesia launched a program that delivered low-cost car during a visit to RI delegation Daihatsu of Japan, immediately get a response from the car manufacturer. In fact, they (Daihatsu) to prepare a concept car in an instant, just in three months.

Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), said that since the arrival of delegation the Ministry of Industry to Daihatsu in Japan in April, immediately created a concept car. "Even until now still in the finishing and this coming June. For this project to spend up to USD $ 8 billion fund," Amelia said in Jakarta today.

Concept car that will be trafficked through the air directly from Osaka, Japan, Daihatsu's headquarters. There is no certainty about the engine capacity, including the matter of price, because it is still waiting for assurance that the program still worked the Indonesian Government.

Related problems of price, Amelia ensure the selling price will be very competitive. Moreover with the government plan that would provide incentives for the release of the Luxury Sales Tax (Sales Tax). "It could be under USD 80 million for government incentives are given, we'll see how it goes. We can only wait," said Amelia.

Meanwhile, related to the Toyota-Daihatsu collaboration plans to produce cheaper cars, Amelia expressed uncertainty. "This product really new and creative results Daihatsu. Yet there is talk of cooperation towards it until now," said AmeliA


It's longer, taller and wider, but it's still unmistakably a Suzuki Swift.

The new 2011 model of the Japanese hatch has broken cover, with the company releasing the first official details of the car.

While it has retained the unmistakable lines of the quirky 2005 Swift, the new model is bigger in every way.

It is 90mm longer, the wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) has been stretched by 50mm and it is marginally wider and taller.

The car also has a wider stance, with the front and rear wheels wider apart. Suzuki predicts the new car will offer better noise refinement and safety, with extensive use of higher strength steel making the bodyshell lighter and stiffer than before.

“We are very excited about the preliminary release of the new car, but we are still some way off finalising the Australian version of the next Swift,” said Tony Devers, Suzuki Australian General Manager.

“The new Swift doesn’t go on sale here until the first half of next year, so we still have some development time to work through.”

The work will focus on finalising the engine and equipment specification of the car.

European models will be fitted with either a 1.2-litre petrol or a 1.3-litre diesel engine, but Suzuki Australia has admitted there are larger petrol engine options available.

The current range has a choice of has 1.5-litre and 1.6-litre petrol engines. Suzuki is also considering adding the diesel to the new model Swift.

The company won’t divulge the petrol options being considered, but Devers says they “offer even better performance and economy” than the current model.

The Swift is Suzuki Australia’s best selling model, chalking up more than 5000 sales already in 2010.


Porsche will show a new face, the face of eco-friendly through the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid at Le Mans. Sports car is still at the level of this concept will appear in the demonstration laps at the Le Mans circuit this weekend.

Demonstration Laps at doing Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and driven by a Porsche driver Marc Lieb. And throughout the weekend, this car will be on display in the paddock 24-hour endurance races at Le Mans.

Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid uses two electric motors installed in the front axle, each of which can generate power 60kw (82hp). While the 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine that produces 480hp boxer moving the rear wheels. Supercar is also equipped with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) that converts kinetic energy from braking into electrical energy process and stored in the flywheel.

Porsche itself is very proud of this car. "Recently, in the Nurburgring 24 hour endurance race, 911 GT3 R Hybrid forcing everyone turned his head. More than eight hours of racing cars are white and yellow leads and make many people amazed by the fuel efficiency , to retire diri1: 45 hours before the finish due to engine failure. Throughout the race this car shows how the Porsche hybrid technology was so capable, even at a very early stage of its development process, "the statement dalamrilis Porsche

SPESIFIKASI Smart Fortwo car mini cooper

Daimler began marketing the Smart electric cars in the United States (U.S.). With the amount of 250 units, this little one started moving into big cities in the U.S. this year to lure the attention of consumers while enhancing product image.

As for the cities that receive rations from the Smart USA as the official dealer of Daimler AG, among others, Portland (Oregon), San Jose (California), Orlando (Florida), Indianapolis (Indiana), as well as throughout the Washington DC to Massachusetts.

Car weighing 770 kg (800 kg for the cabrio model) reinforced 3-cylinder gasoline engine in-line with a capacity of 999 cc. In a smart page mentioned there is also the added turbo engine and 799 cc diesel engine.

Smart ForTwo comes trasmisi 5-speed automated manual. Although the tiny car has a maximum speed of 145 km / h and sped 0-100 km / h less than 11 seconds.

Smart ForTwo is a tiny vehicle - dimenasi length 2.695 mm, 1.559 mm width, and height 1.565 mm - which is used for 2 passengers. Using a 3-cylinder engine in-line with a capacity of 999 cc engine capable of removing the power 61 hp at 5.800 rpm and torque of 89 Nm at 2.800 rpm.

Rudi said that for this first phase of the smart will be introduced in Jakarta and Bali. The selection of Bali due to the smart has a small dimension so that it matches with known narrow streets of Bali.

With emission levels only 116 g / km and fuel consumption is economical or less than 1 liter / 20 km and form small bodies, this car seemed to answer the needs of the world community, particularly people in countries where levels are very high levels of pollution, congestion and rising fuel prices.

Over time, the second generation Smart ForTwo appeared in 2006. This time the Smart ForTwo successfully created with 1.0L engine and only spends 3.4-liter to a distance of 100 km with a recommendation of gasoline with the octane level of 91. Even today the Smart ForTwo already exists that uses the electricity.

In May 2008 Smart ForTwo highest ratings in crash tests conducted Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the United States.

Cars with a length of 2.4 meters is the highest rating for front and side impact test. This is at once answered consumer fears that car small dimension vulnerable in case of fatal impact accident

.Smart ForTwo is priced starting at $ 12,000 or approximately Rp 120 million of this has become part of the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle. Singer Robbie Williams and Kill Bill star Darryl is an example of Hollywood celebrities who are proud of the car is economical and environmentally friendly.

Smart Electric manufactured from 95 per cent of material that can be recycled. He also supplied lithium ion battery-powered 16.5-kilowatt per hour, the supply of Tesla Motors Inc., based in California.

"The core of the Smart Electric Daimler is evidence of continuation of the program. But its main purpose, this little special success in urban markets, such as large cities," says Jill Lajdziak, President of Smart USA, as reported by Autonews (10 / 6 / 2010).

Smart Fortwo electricity produced in Hambach, France, November 2009, represents the second generation. Product has been tested in several European cities, like Berlin and London. For the U.S. market, Smart began to go ahead in October.

For bulk sales, beginning in 2012 until the Smart is targeted at European markets, and the U.S., and then other parts of the country. In Indonesia, the Smart will begin to be marketed in Jakarta and Bali in November 2010. However, little is marketed is not a newfangled little electricity, but the conventional gasoline model