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A BMW built for the driving
pleasure, and no one doubt it!
And no wonder, principals,
which is headquartered in
Munich, Germany, owns and
drives fast cars concept via its
M division affiliated with the
racing program.

Where this is
rarely done things that other
car manufacturers. Typically,
these types contained in the M
division is developing a variety
of series production car.
Starting from the third series,
5 series now has even touched
that in fact X-series SUV filled
variant. So do not be surprised
if an M3 speed buff can be
very tempting.

How not, by
nature-powered V8 engine and
the handling improvement is
very tempting. Even the design
of its coupe body very
character and has a drag
coefficient of small numbers.
The roof is also unsurest
carbon-fiber-reinforce plastic
(CFP), which not only provides
visual gahar but also a
maximum strength! And we
also believe, this will keep
racing aftermarket tuner
makes parts that fit. The
remainder, the M3 is also a lot
of cars that the market liked
the speed and recorded good
sales in many countries. Just
look at Sakura tuner Amuse
State of origin, which makes
power house subdivision called

This subdivision
specifically to handle
upgrades and even the BMW
M, where the work is the
latest M3 Ericsson M480
Concept. And this is a
tempting lunch Dipar Tobing,
a series of modifications to
this his M3. "I think it is very
different from very similar
(body kit, Red) another. This
one is more eye catching, and
the aura of a sports gahar him
out once, "he said opening
talking . Yes, Ericsson
does have a bit more radical
design for the size of a sports
car. If we see the front
bumper, he tends to be more
advanced and wide compared
to other models.
Scars- more real and has
a lower lip of the exotic. "His
mouth is a custom carbon, but
I've made similar model as the
original Ericsson," added the
businessman's contracting
sector, pointing to the diffuser
is also made of the same
procession. In the official spec
M3 Ericsson M480 Concept
released the Amuse, wheel
barrow BBS LM-R wear. The
same was done Dipar, with pin
size 20x (9 +10) inches. This
special alloy wheels expensive
and difficult to get it.

velgnya course, the settlers of
this region must come out of
funds Pulomas approximately
USD 70 millions. Where
speknya two-pieces with Bolts
and forged titanium mesh

Interesting blend
between power and
technology. So although the
handling is perfectly helpless,
but needs to lower the height
so the choices can not be
bargained Dipar. Therefore, a
set of spring kit KW
Suspensions trusted brand to
replace it. "The drop of about
1.5 cm,
," he claims.
Spring is made of chrome
steel silicum who have
flexible, but strong character.
According to the
manufacturer, as it has the
quality equivalent to OEM
products, so the installation
does not meet constraint
means aka plug and play.

Currently Dipar is only limited
to the replacement of body
kits and alloy wheels, with no
plans for added total
CSL-style trunk and engine
hood carbon hood is the same
as the M3 Ericsson M480
Concept. But who would have
thought, if a change in this
way he often pursued by
people just for a thumbs-up on
the modifications done.

sie haben es geschafft!


Because down at the super
class turing, "Modifications
are made more
comprehensive, because the
regulation of the super
touring a bit loose," said Diaz
Bartholemeus, a senior
mechanic who is believed to
mess up the machinery sector,
the Honda Integra DC2 this
ngejreng yellow.

selected modifications Qibla
Apirated (N / A) in order to
align with the regulation.
However, do not ever take for
granted, because the changes
which only reached stage 2,
workers who managed to spit
out this B18C engine reaching
270 HP. The problem is not
just how fast this Integra could
run, but rather the reliability
factor for strength digeber
machine in a long time.

that end, the strengthening of
the machine should be
conducted. As in the cylinder
block, "Use of artificial
Darthead, was much heavier,
but more in terms of
durability is good," added
Barto, familiar calls. Although
construction has been using
aluminum alloy, but in some
parts such as cylinder walls
and water jackets using
wrought iron (forged), which
makes engine blocks stronger
when it should receive a very
high pressure and

Although a
consequence, the total weight
of the machine was increased
up to 250 kg. Though should
be carrying more weight, but
it paid off when the four
pistons complete with
handlebars CP pistons Crower
work in harmony.

Automatically, the
compression ratio also rose to
number 12, 5:1. As a result,
the engine can still be invited
to shout up to 11 000 RPM.
However, due consideration of
the metal seat and the road
that still use the default
standard, then "Fair at 9000
RPM," said Barto. Settings N /
A is not valid if the device
back untouched.
More over,
the malignant character of
the machine on a lap top,
shall dimbangi fuel and air
flow are qualified. The
solution, with duration of use
JUNAuto back in 3040 and 2900
ex could not negotiable.
Moreover, this Japanese-made
again, able to accommodate
an elevator that reaches 12.5
and 18.8 in the ex, which is the
guarantee of a swift supply of
benzene up to a lap top.

However, to prevent valve
floating on high rotation, as of
any use artificial Isky valve
complete with a retainer of
P1. "If floating, piston valve
that still could hit the open
position, resulting in fatal,"
warned Barto

modification mazda

Not wanting to left behind by
its competitors in terms of
innovation sources of energy.
Manufacturing country of
origin sunrise, Mazda also
enliven endurance race, Le
Mans 24 Hours by lowering its
hydrogen-powered cars in the
new class, "Le Mans vers le
future" or a future version of
Le Mans.

This new class of race cars
with non-petroleum fuels
(petrol). Used cars will use
alternate energy sources such
as electric, hybrid, natural gas
and hydrogen power.

On the mat, held on 12-13 June
2010, Mazda RX-8 will wear
Hydrogen RE. This hydrogen-
fueled car had previously
been marketed in Norway.
Uniquely, the Mazda RX-8
Hydrogen RE is the only car
that has a hydrogen-fueled
rotary engine is certainly a

This machine
also carries dual fuel
technology units. Which allows
it to be operated with
hydrogen fuel or gasoline.
Not only have capital engine,
the drivers selected this team
also was not born yesterday.

Veteran racer from Japan,
Yojiro Terada appointed racer
Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE this.
Previously, a veteran racer
and has attended Le Mans 24
Hours as many as 29 times and
in 1991 successfully brought
Terada Mazda as a champion
in this event an annual one.

In addition to the racing more
environmentally friendly

spesifikasi mazda

SHORT wheelbase
Sedan worth Rp 245 million
(on the road, Jakarta) is
indeed the highest type, with
some differences, such as a
more rigid suspension, so it is
more fitting for tight
maneuvering, be advised given
appendage aka R Racing
behind him.

No responsibility, the
difference is 30 percent more
stiff than the other variants
with type S. Obviously, this is a
choice for speed enthusiasts.
Moreover, with wider tires
and larger rims 16 inch (15-
inch type S), type R will be
more stable.
This stability will be felt when
cornering fast.

When making
a zig-zag, round steering
wheel will feel able to obey
the will of the driver. It looks
even longer than its
hatchback proved the
difference was not adrift too
jauh.Dibandingkan with
hatchback, closed to within
331 mm overall length is
longer, overall length 4244
mm sedans, hatchbacks, while
3 913 m.

However, shorter
wheelbase sedan, while the
hatchback 2493 mm 2490 mm.
Of course this so that the
sedan is more spacious back
room, so that the backrest
can be more sloped rear
passengers, and luggage room
was more spacious.
However, the issue of control
when compared with the
hatchback there was little
change in the character,
certainly a result of the rear
overhang is more distant, of
maneuvering around the bend
a little oversteer tend to have
symptoms. It will be felt not
very agile becomes.

the suspension for this type of
R, the deficiency can be
Mazda2 Sedan Fuel
consumption is frugal enough
to be practically in the city,
about 11.8 km per liter. As
soon as any acceleration
quickly enough. As it
accelerates, there is a distinct
sensation when holding the
wheel circumference.

Electronic Power Assist
Steering system was made
very light steering when
parking, and felt heavy when
driving fast.
Acceleration results were not
much compared to
hatchbacks, special enough?
Indeed, though it was added
gembolan behind aliases
baggage, weighing no adrift
far, about 13 kilograms of
course, hatchback 1066 kg,
1079 kg while the sedan. No
Other facilities similar to the

Starting from the
audio system and the
completeness of the
circumference of the wheel
that could set the headunit,
without having to move the
hands off the wheel.
Darling little road noise was
heard inside the cabin.
Although yet to interfere. Live
plus some damping sheets,
naturally going to become
more comfortable. Especially
when the rain, the sound
drops from the roof will be
much damped.

But the matter of acceleration
and control, Mazda2 Sedan is
arguably a good, comfortable
seating position even for all
passengers, either in front or
behind. In fact, behind the
three people on board had
allotted three point seatbelt.
Quite exceptional in its class.

jaguar xj varian

Today, Jaguar offered the
latest products, xj, in the
Pacific-Place Mall, Semanggi
Central Business District
(SCBD), Jakarta. This latest
unit cost Rp 2.85 billion per
unit on the road of Jakarta.

Four-door sedan is a form of
rejuvenation, which is
dedicated to customers in
Indonesia. In addition, these
cars carrying gasoline engine
Gen III V8 Ultra Efficient
capacity of 5000 cc with a
power 470 dk.
With a big engine and power,
acceleration is quite

Acceleration 0-100
km / h took 4.9 seconds. In
addition, six speed
transmission systems feature
drive selector and steering
wheel mounted paddles.
In addition, the xj are also
armed with other equipment,
such as air suspension,
adaptive dynamics, and active
differential control so as to
produce a good mix of
response and dynamic control.

Log into the interior, we were
greeted with a glass top
panoramis. To increase driving
comfort, there are two
screens, each measuring 12.3
inches with high-definition
function of virtual
instruments, and another one
size 8 inch to a touch screen

This car is also equipped with
satellite navigation systems
and support a sound system of
1200 W Bower & Wilkins.
Radio, CDs and DVDs has
become a standard feature.

"This is a moment that we've
been waiting. Jaguar xj latest
return will give you a luxury
sports car," said Hatch
Graham, Regional Business
Manager for Jaguar Cars
Overseas Sales Operations, on
the sidelines of the launch of
the latest Jaguar xj, today.

Ford E-Series Wagon 2011

$28,185 - $35,060
$26,022 - $32,209

The 2011 E-Series Wagon is a
3-door, up to 15-passenger full
size van, available in 6 trims,
ranging from the E-150 XL to
the E-350 XLT Super Duty

Upon introduction, the E-150
XL is equipped with a standard
4.6-liter, V8, 225-horsepower,
flexible fuel engine. The E-350
XLT Super Duty Extended is
equipped with a standard 5.4-
liter, V8, 255-horsepower,
flexible fuel engine.

A 4-speed
automatic transmission with
overdrive is standard on both
The 2011 E-Series Wagon is a
carryover from 2010.

toyota avalon terbaru 2011

Mobil Toyota Avalon Terbaru
2011. The car brand from
Toyota with the name Avalon
is ideal for families. Toyota
Avalon is one of Toyota's
products, in addition to
Avanza, Rush and Hilux.

toyota rush 2011

Toyota Rush Terbaru 2011,
Toyota Rush has undergone
revision. Toyota Rush tyerbaru
appearance looks more sporty
appeal in the previous output
Rush toyota product.

Toyota Terbaru 2011 Toyota
There are changes for 5
seater SUV, the changes to
the grille new model with a
touch of chrome, front
bumper with a wide scoop
water combined round fog
lamp. At the stern design also
received revised rear lights.

2011 Toyota Rush for the
interior looks more modern, it
looks at the audio bulid-in with
the dashboard. And on the
steering wheel audio switches

Performance has not changed
its main engine and keeps the
1.5-liter engine.

Steering using
Electonic Power Steering (EPS)
so that the steering feels
lighter and more efficient.

newest toyota avansa 2011

Toyota Avanza Terbaru 2011.
New Avanza 2011 car. New
Avanza 2011 car. Latest
Models Toyota Avanza is the
best option for families.
Engine Specifications purchase
price avanza toyota new
models, pics of new car
Avanza 2011.

toyota hilux 2011 terbaru

Toyota Hilux Terbaru 2011 -
find new models and there are
new Toyota cars, avanza,
avalon, rush car by Toyota.
Image for new Hilux from
Toyota cars 2011.

Ancient Indonesian Antique Cars

Ancient Indonesian Antique
where to find info automotive
latest, new motor vehicle
from various brands, cars
classics and ancient motor
Cheap car rentals from
Newest Motor Cars Blog
Ancient Classics, the following
is the info about Cars
Ancient Antiques Indonesia.
and also look for that info
Car-related Antiques
Indonesia's ancient collection
cars, vintage cars, car
unique, to obtain info
Antique Cars similar to
Ancient Indonesia by
Motor Car
Ancient Indonesian Antique
Cars -
Having a car is unique and
second to none for
Car enthusiasts may
a wish. In addition
for collection may be
have old cars old antique
also can be used for
because it has value

Latest 2011 BMW 3 Series 328i 335i 335is

Latest 2011 BMW 3
Series 328i 335i 335is place
look for the latest automotive
new motor cars of
various brands, motor car
ancient classics as well as
cheap cars from Cars Blog
Newest Motor Ancient
The following is the info about
Latest 2011 BMW 3
Series 328i 335i 335is. Read
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2011 3 Series 328i 335i 335is in
bmw, to obtain info
similar to the BMW Cars
Latest 3 Series 328i 2011 335i
335is by Automotive Cars
Latest 2011 BMW 3 -
335is 335i 328i series - there
major changes, Trim level
defining features
standards such as body type,
machine, and the number of

New Cars BMW 335i 2011 Sedan

New Cars BMW 335i 2011
Sedan place to find info
Latest automotive, motor car
New from various brands,
classic old cars and
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New 2011 BMW 335i Sedan.

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335i Sedan by Automobile
Motor Car
New Cars BMW 335i 2011
Sedan - BMW Car models
as fast twin-turbo car,
smooth and very stable.

2011 BMW 335i Specifications

sources Mobil Baru BMW 2011
335i Sedan

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine,
rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger,
4-door sedan

(base price: $41,475)

ENGINE TYPE: turbocharged
and intercooled DOHC 24-
valve inline-6, aluminum block
and head, direct fuel injection
Displacement: 182 cu in, 2979
Power (SAE net): 300 bhp @
5800 rpm
Torque (SAE net): 300 lb-ft @
1200 rpm


Wheelbase: 108.7 in Length:
178.8 in
Width: 71.5 in Height: 55.9 in
Curb weight: 3514 lb

Zero to 60 mph: 4.8 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 11.7 sec
Zero to 130 mph: 20.7 sec
Street start, 5–60 mph: 5.5 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 13.6 sec @
106 mph
Top speed (governor limited):
155 mph
Braking, 70–0 mph: 168 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft-dia
skidpad: 0.89 g

EPA city/highway driving: 19/28
C/D observed: 23 mpg

newest bmw 2011

Latest 2011 BMW Cars
where to find info automotive
latest, new motor vehicle
from various brands, cars
classics and ancient motor
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Newest Motor Cars Blog
Ancient Classics, the following
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Newest BMW 2011.

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2011 in bmw, to
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2011 by the Automotive Cars
New BMW Cars 2011 -
Car model BMW 335i Coupe
a new car from

Car Specifications List
335i Coupe model.

Newest BMW 2011 - BMW 335i
Coupe model is the new car
from BMW.

Specifications for BMW 335i
Coupe source

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine,
rear-wheel-drive, 4-passenger,
2-door coupe

(base price: $43,525)

ENGINE TYPE: turbocharged
and intercooled DOHC 24-
valve inline-6, aluminum block
and head, direct fuel injection

Displacement: 182 cu in, 2979

Power (SAE net): 300 bhp @
5800 rpm

Torque (SAE net): 300 lb-ft @
1200 rpm



Wheelbase: 108.7
in Length:
181.9 in

Width: 70.2 in

Height: 54.1 in

Curb weight: 3506 lb

Zero to 60 mph: 5.0 sec
Zero to 100 mph: 12.0 sec
Zero to 130 mph: 21.3 sec
Zero to 150 mph: 32.7 sec
Street start, 5–60 mph: 5.5 sec

Standing ¼-mile: 13.7 sec @
106 mph

Top speed (governor limited):
156 mph

Braking, 70–0 mph: 160 ft
Roadholding, 300-ft-dia

skidpad: 0.88 g

EPA city/highway driving: 19/28

C/D observed: 21 mpg

new 2011 bmw 335is coupe

New 2011 BMW 335is
Coupe place to find info
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New from various brands,
classic old cars and
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Newest Motor Cars Blog
Ancient Classics, the following
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Latest 2011 BMW 335is

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Car related
Latest 2011 BMW 335is
Bmw coupe in, for
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2011 335is Coupe by
Automotive Motor Cars
New 2011 BMW 335is
Coupe - Model 335is is
souped-up version of the twin-
turbo, 3.0-liter, 300 power
horses and 300 pound-feet,
and specifications of the BMW

Source Specifications 2011
BMW 335is New Cars

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine,
rear-wheel-drive, 4-passenger,
2-door coupe

BASE PRICE: $50,525

turbocharged and intercooled
DOHC 24-valve inline-6,
aluminum block and head,
direct fuel injection

Displacement: 182 cu in,

Power (SAE net): 320 bhp @
5900 rpm

Torque (SAE net): 370 lb-ft @
1500 rpm (est)

manual, 7-speed dual-clutch
automated manual

Wheelbase: 108.7 in Length:
181.9 in

Width: 70.2 in

Height: 54.1 in

Curb weight: 3650–3750 lb

Zero to 60 mph: 4.5–4.8 sec

Standing ¼-mile: 13.2–13.5 sec

Top speed (governor limited):
155 mph

EPA city/highway driving: 17/26

gps tracker fitur

MANY factors that can
led to the birth of a
technology. For example,
the desire to get a sense of
safety and protection
personal property. Second
was the most likely
underlie the emergence of a
tracking technology goods
moves, such as vehicle
pribadi.Semuanya it can
achieved with the help of
satellite technology, which
notify position
vehicle where we are.
However, because the devices
can transmit signals through
Satellite is expensive, then
needed a tool
liaison. Thus, was born
a combination of technology
Global Positioning System
(GPS) satellite with
technology, Global System for
Mobile Communication (GSM).
GPS signal is emitted
via satellite, while
GSM signal is emitted
through a relay tower
Funny. The function of the
cellular transmitter is
as a means of connecting
between the satellite and the
will be monitored.
Use of this GPS technology
also applied in
Mobile No wonder if now
many mobile phone vendors
GPS pairing in this series
latest. This caused
by one of nature GPS
assessed by many
more accurate and flexible
against changes
Broadly speaking, the
distinguishable from its own
into some kind of
according to the needs of
wearer, the GPS
Tracking System, GPS
Geodetic, GPS Mapping (GIS)
as well as Bluetooth GPS.
Among the many types
GPS, which many
known to the public is
GPS Tracking System or
better known
Vehicle Tracking (Fleet
Management System). GPS
This type usually paired
on the vehicles,
primarily a vehicle for
purposes, in order to
monitor the extent to which
the presence of vehicle
them. But now
This equipment can also
mounted on cars
personal. Aside from being a
tracking system, technology
GPS can also work
as a tool for
monitoring, security,
communications, and services,
as adopted by
beberepa vendor companies
GPS provider in Indonesia (V
track and track info). Each
each function is named
such as Vi-Track Vision
(Monitor the position and
vehicle speed), Vi-
Secure Track (track and
turn off your vehicle engine
from a distance), and Vi-Track
Phone (cell phone
in the car).
In addition, there are Vi-Track
Directory (information
general and social), Vi-Track
Lock Control (key opener
the car door from a distance),
and Vi-Track Geo-Fencing
(Restrictions on certain areas
which can be entered
vehicles). The use of Vi-
Track GTS (GPS Tracking Set)
This is also supported service
Integrated VIA (Vi-Track
Interactive Assistant) 24 hours
nonstop. While the function
security provided through
installation of an emergency
(Panic button). The button
connected to this service
will not beep when
pressed. Usefulness
for example if the driver
robbed because that button
can make the operator
immediately contact the
without a known perpetrator
Vi-Track also secures
vehicle in another form.
If the car is lost because
stolen, the owner lives
contact the operator so that
car engine is turned off. Cars
This strike can not
turned on again so that
likely soon
left by the thief.
Furthermore, via the map
digital, operators can
tell the last location
car to its owner.
Certainly with
utilizing GPS technology
This will greatly assist
especially for the
driver with a function
guide and help
the users to
monitor the movement of
both private car and
commercial cars.